Highlanders in Red Alert

  • Hey gang,

    I asked my tabletop group which setting they'd like the next game I run to take place in, Highlander or Red Alert, and they kind of went bonkers for a silly mashup of the two.

    Fortunately, I have some time to prepare before our current 7th sea game winds down, so I thought I'd mine you all for some ideas.

    Originally, I was thinking they could be highlanders in the middle ages and just fast forward every time they finish an adventure, but then I was reading some suggested rules for a highlander game, where normies can kill a highlander and become a potential after soaking their quickening.

    With that in mind, I was thinking of putting them right into the Red Alert scenario, with all the big players being immortals ramping up for the game. Like those Nod dudes being one clique, teh sekzie Ruskies being another and the US of A being a third, with a sprinkling of special agent assasssins lurking around with swords instead of pistols.

    Do you think it would make more sense to have the PCs all be potentials already? Or merely pawns in the big game?

    Any thoughts or ideas? I'm still at the very early stages of daydreaming about this.

  • Pitcrew


    They could be Watchers who are also potentials, and the reason they're all together is a Methos-like immortal embedded in the Watchers has manipualted things to put them together and see what happens.

    Once ONE of them becomes immortal, unless they keep it to themselves, they'll all know they're potentials (since immortals can sense a watered down version of the sense they get when another immortal is around, around potentials. This is why Duncan wasn't surprised when Richie c ame back after he got killed--and also why, retroactively, he "adopted" Richie in the first place).

  • Yeah, watchers would probably work perfectly for this sort of thing, I totally forgot about those guys. I could probably seguey an old Black Ops game into it, too. Hmm.

  • Rip the skin off that and put new meat on the skeleton with a media franchise family, you have a new M3.

  • @Chet said in Highlanders in Red Alert:

    a new M3

    I don't know what the old M3 is. :/

  • Megaman MUSH, it's a project from 2001 that's traded hands between three directors. It's a composite theme of Megaman and several other Capcom games, with a basis of a utopian world beneath it.

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