New Superhero Game Looking for Staff/Feedback

  • Pitcrew

    Okay, time to send out some feelers for Staff and general interest in this idea….

    I’m looking for a full set of Staff for a new Superhero game that I’ve been planning out. The theme will be all Original Characters and the game will use the Mutants & Masterminds 3rd Edition as a combat/task resolution system. Now, to answer the two questions that are probably coming to everyone’s minds right now…

    Why an Original Character Supers game?
    For lots of reasons. First, virtually all the Supers games currently populated are based off of the main Comic Book sources of Marvel & DC already. Second, the ‘Big Name’ characters on Marvel/DC games get a lot of interest and attraction for RP, becoming more of ‘status’ symbols that you’re scening with them rather than another character that you interact with. Third, a previous player may have engaged in plots and RP that lead to consequences that future players don’t want to deal with, leaving major characters unapped for long stretches of time or having to figure out a continuity reset for the character, or sometimes even the whole game.

    By making this a completely all Original Character theme, we can reduce the effects of those problems, since all characters start off with an even level in terms of popularity on the game, and a player that drops unexpectedly can return later and be assured that the character they created and invested time and energy into will still be available to them.

    Finally, possibly most importantly, having all Original Characters means that there are no expectations as to where RP would or should lead to. No expectations of canon pairings or favorite ships or ‘we should do this Event storyline in our game’.

    This doesn’t mean that Feature Characters or Media Creations or Published Characters or whatever the terminology next evolves into, won’t be welcomed so long as there are sufficient modifications. Homage characters are certainly welcome; just use a different name and work a few unique aspects into the character is all we’re asking.

    Why Use A Dice System?
    Again, I realize it’s not the popular option for Super games. However, using a well established Table Top RPG system does have some advantages. It provides firm statistics and benchmarks of what a character can and cannot do. It prevents, or helps lessen at the very least, characters from being automatically successful in every action from combat to social interactions; even the best superheroes can have off days, which the random dice rolls help reflect. Finally, using an established game system allows us to bring in table top gamers that are used to the game system and it helps lessen the amount of adjustments they have to make in learning how to play via MUD/MUSH/MUX, also having the benefit of expanding the game population beyond the usual MU community. In fact, I’m already generating some player interest with discussion outside of the MU Community.

    Now, I realize that there are people that are going to disagree with my conclusions here and the concepts, and that’s fine. I’m trying out a different path for the game, one that doesn’t get used all that often for a variety of reasons. In the end, I’m looking for Staff and players that want to try this out and make a universe together with me.

    Other Cool (or not so Cool) Ideas
    There’s lots of stuff from other games, online & TableTop, that I would like to try and incorporate. Such as:

    -Automated Dice rolling & Action Resolution: I want to have the combat and skills use automated as much as possible.

    -Open Access to low-level villains. Comic books are filled with lots of low-level villains that are good for a quick bank robbery, heist, or other anchor for an action scene. I want to have these Rogues available as bits for anyone to log into, without having to app first, to facilitate impromptu scenes.

    -Will & Testament. Basically, when someone makes up a character, they write a note saying what they want to have done with the character if they drop unexpectedly. Ranging from ‘allow the character to be apped by someone else’ to ‘mysterious disappearance’ to ‘they get heavily involved with X situation and retire from the superhero business’

    -Autologging system that posts straight to the wiki

    -Karma & Popularity. Adapted from the old Marvel Super Heroes game in the 80’s. Karma is a points system rewarding you for your logged actions, mostly combat but some social, where the points can be spent to modify die rolls or stored up to (slowly) improve your character. Popularity is a measurement of how well known your character is, adapted to lower the difficulty of certain interactions with NPC’s, and can rise and fall according to your actions.

    -Testing Room(s). Basically a room or set of rooms on the OOC Grid where players can test out their powers and abilities against automated targets to see how effective the build is before having Staff lock the changes in place. Also, a way for players to get familiar with the various commands to attack or use powers/skills

    Needed Staff

    I’ll keep this first post updated to keep it easy for people to see what’s been filled and what’s still needed.

    Currently needed, in order of priority….

    Coders (Main and Assistants): Should be familiar with M&M 3rd Edition or know where to find pre-written code for the game. If you need help with the system, I can help walk you through it.

    Wiki Coder: I'd like to have a wiki up and running before a full open

    Builders (Main and Assistants)

    Administration : Just general helpful folks that can answer questions, run events, and solve disputes when the game fully opens. Knowledge of the Mutants & Masterminds system a plus, but it’s an easy system to learn

    In addition to providing the game hosting, I’m also setting up a Discord server to help coordinate Staff and the building of the game. If you’re interested, chime in on the thread or send me a PM here.

    Even if you’re not interested, feel free to leave constructive criticism/discussions here.


    UPDATE 1 We've got a head coder and the start of both a grid and a wiki! Thanks to ZombieGenesis!

  • Looks like it could be awesome!

  • I am all for OC games, just wish it used a different system that isn't so easily broken.

  • Pitcrew


    Give me an example of how you think the system can be broken. That way, we can work to patch up flaws. No system is perfect and I'd rather be proactive about preventing possible misuse of the game system.

    If you're talking about the Affliction rules, I'm working on a resolution for that.

  • @Runescryer Not just the affliction rules, though that is a huge one, but things like power attack, and other feats that trade hit for defense, which are easily abused by high toughness characters. So they can break out huge attacks, with huge chance to hit, and because their toughness is so high, they don't usually care if they get hit in return.

  • And on a non-combat note, it is quite possible to make characters who can completely alter your setting if they are willing to spend significantly on non-combat oriented stuff. I remember somebody helping me make a M&M character who could create entire islands (and we're talking Rhode Island, not Ellis Island) in minutes with his powers. Another character had the ability to generate non-damaging weather conditions on a continental scale, for fairly cheap.

    Not a lot of combat use there, but most persistent online games are wary of handing players the ability to drastically alter the world. :D

  • Pitcrew

    I GM games. A lot of games of late. Varying from real table top to OTT.

    Players want to break stuff? As a GM (or in this case admin) smack them with the no bat. Having 'mechanics' of a game system be your hold up on something is no bueno. I'm not overly familiar with M&M, but I am with players wanting to 'max' and 'game' and break things. You tell them no. If they don't like it, they'll leave the table.

    I for one want to sit at a table (or in this case play on a game) where something like this is possible and the admin are willing to say 'No. I don't care what you can mechanically do, that's just not going to happen' when players try to do unnecessary. Making an island could be a cool thing. Doing it just to screw with things is not. If the game staff are capable of telling island player 'No, that's not something we're going to roll with' then there shouldn't be an issue, right?

  • @BobGoblin A table where a GM is overseeing things every session is a bit different than a Mu* where staff can't be everywhere watching everyone. I've played M&M. I like it. And you can do just about anything with the right combination of powers, extra, stunts, etc. There's no possible way to approve a sheet but then list all the things they can't do.

    That being said, I've also played on M&M Mu*s. It's doable.

  • Pitcrew

    @Lithium said in New Superhero Game Looking for Staff/Feedback:

    I am all for OC games, just wish it used a different system that isn't so easily broken.

    What superhero system would you recommend?

  • Pitcrew

    Isn't really the whole basis of 'Super Heroes' being 'world breaking' in many situations?

    And sure, you can't baby sit players all the time, or check logs, or make it very and abundantly clear during character generation that these are the expectations for players on the game. I mean, really, there are definitive steps that staff can take to mitigate the situations. Then deal with those who won't respect the expectations and leave the rest alone.

    Have your rules. Have your expectations of what you want players to be able to do in the world. Let them know they need to fit in that structure. You know, how a good GM has a set of table rules printed up and set out for the players so they know what their expectations are?

    And if Staff can't monitor the expectations on their game, then what are they staffing for?

  • Pitcrew


    So, here's how I handle situations like that. And I have had situations like that in just about every game system I've run.

    Step 0: If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It. No system is perfect and every system has exploits. So, is this particular exploit being used extensively to the point of overuse/abuse? If not, then it's currently not a problem to resolve; everyone is playing in the spirit of the game.

    Step 1: Nerf. If the exploit is being used extensively, then there's a problem and something needs to be done. In the case of the All-Out Attack Advantage, which you're referring to, House Rule that All Out Attack affects BOTH Defense and Resistance in exchange for a bonus to attack. Offer characters with All-Out Attack the chance to adjust the character to remove the Advantage if they wish in exchange for another Advantage.

    Step 2: Hit 'Em Where It Hurts. If certain players remain undeterred and continue to abuse the nerfed exploit, time to up the ante. Look at their character sheet and create opponents that exploit their use of the exploit. A villain that reflects attacks back; someone who's Min/Maxing the Attack/Damage using All Out Attack probably has a higher Damage rating that can overcome their own Resistance, especially if the Nerf example is in place.

    Step 3: Hit 'Em Where They Ain't. If it continues, time to create opponents and situations that completely negate the exploit. Pit the player excessively exploiting the All Out Attack Advantage against foes that go intangible or are Mentalists who can exploit the character's (most likely) low mental defenses & resistances. Set the character up; since they use All Out Attack all the time, put an impressive looking armored enemy in front of them in a public battle who really has horrible Defenses and Resistances. The character goes all out and blows the patsy villain away, most likely in front of a large crowd who can confirm to law enforcement that the character showed absolutely no restraint in attacking.

    Like I said, no system is completely exploit proof. Players abusively exploiting a system is a behavioral problem on the part of the player, not an indictment of the system. Work to correct the disruptive behavior when it occurs and you'll end up with a better player as part of your game.

  • @Ominous That's the thing, there's a lot of different systems but /none/ of them really translate to MU* format well. You can hack Fate or use one of the Fate super settings, that works well for cinematic stuff. You can go the opposite route and go with say, Hero System.

    Honestly... if you can successfully patch afflictions, and fix the broken feats that totally alter your power scale... then M&M isn't /bad/ per se.

    As for changing the world, this needs to be possible. Nothing is more game killing for a super hero game (for me) than knowing that no matter what I do... it doesn't matter to the game world at all.

  • Pretty much. I wasn't suggesting the ability to alter the world is bad, just that M&M is one of those systems that makes it manifest and easy to do.

    But then again, it isn't as if people don't do crazy stuff like making their own islands all the time. (Cyclops, I'm looking at you and 'Utopia' getting planted in San Francisco bay or Medusa dropping the Inhuman capital city down beside Manhattan.)

  • I'm definitely for this. I'm not often crazy about dice-systems on games with canon characters, simply because those characters weren't created with that in mind and can rarely be shoved into the necessary boxes and limitations. With OCs, that's not a problem and you can create your character to fit the system rather than vice versa. I've also just gotten pretty bored with the existing superhero/multiverse type games.

  • Pitcrew

    I abhor staffing, so I can't be any help there. But I love M&M and Superheroes, so I think this game bears watching! If you get it up and running, I'd be likely to give it a go!

  • This is pretty much the idea some friends and I were kicking around as a MUSH to build. Minus the entire tabletop aspect. I am intrigued and wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

  • Pitcrew

    Not @Lithium but I will toss out the place where I think it is the most broken.
    If you have two people who are the same PL and they each follow the games' advice of buying saves and attacks to PL level then a fight between them will be a one shot ko 25 percent of the time. Which while maybe fitting for some genres never felt like Superheroes to me.

  • There are many possible ways to make things a slugfest. I started super hero RP with Villains and Vigilantes, and it had a fairly strong slugfest feel (leading into a beating which was great for emulating The Elementals comic from ComicCo but may have made my later designs less pretty and clean than folks might like).

    [Summary. You have a Power score. You had Body. You can absorb current Power/10 damage into your power score. Everything else goes to Body. Losing Body leads to KO checks and death. So definitely not bloodless.]

  • Pitcrew

    @ThatGuyThere said in New Superhero Game Looking for Staff/Feedback:

    Not @Lithium but I will toss out the place where I think it is the most broken.
    If you have two people who are the same PL and they each follow the games' advice of buying saves and attacks to PL level then a fight between them will be a one shot ko 25 percent of the time. Which while maybe fitting for some genres never felt like Superheroes to me.

    While this is mathematically accurate, the use of Hero Points to lessen the effect of a hit throws off the statistical probability. Also, the way I'm looking at incorporating the Karma Point system, to either supplement or completely replace Hero Points, reduces the likelihood of the 'one punch fight' happening.

  • Pitcrew

    I kind of want to make an OC villain, The Red Scare - a Soviet Mr. Incredible who is angry at Russia's betrayal of communism and has come to smack the US around in his red spandex.

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