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  • Why not make my first post a playlist post. I've not been on many MUs, but I've been on at least one for the last several years now. Others have sort of become fleeting, but overall I've enjoyed where I've been and look forward to where I'm going. I'm also not against being offered up some new MUs to try out...

    Past - In no particular order (mostly as I remember them) :

    Star Wars : AoA

    • Sevrina Riggers

    Some Zombie-Type Mush I can't recall the name of.

    • Naomi

    Road to Amber

    • I don't recall my character name. Eninae maybe?

    A Closed Mush - Fel-something

    • Rayne

    Present - In no particular order

    Serenity Mush

    • Feria/Robin Corington
    • Akiana Alexander

    Neverwinter Mush

    • Saerwen

    Fallout : El Dorado

    • Nikki Paget
    • Xavier Hoyt

    If you knew me/know me...send me a message. I'd love to reconnect with people old/new. There may or may not be someone or few I'm looking for, but I'm not going to call them out. If you feel it's you, maybe you should reach out.

  • I had no idea Fallout: El Dorado was a thing... how is it? How active?

  • @skew


  • Yeah, it's pretty active. We're just out of season one - and it's really fun. I haven't had much time as I would like to scene there because I work over nights and most the base scenes happen when I'm napping/working...but it's a pretty cool spot. The people I've met are nice, the system for skills is a bit new to me, but that might just be my inexperience talking. Sorry for blabbing. Heh. Hope to see you there!

  • Huh. Didn't know Serenity Mush is still a thing. Same ol' crowd kicking around?

  • @Apu
    Admittedly it's...on it's last legs. There was a big to do, but only a handful of people came for it. Someone died, and only another handful came to their funeral. But the game has been through a bit in the last year or so. A lot of people have left, but there are a faithful few that seem determined to resurrect it somehow. I'm one of them, tho I tend to lose a little more hope every day.

  • @RayneDev It has been on its last legs for what seems like forever. Is the terrible duo still running things, or have they taken a step back to focus on their arguing?

  • Yeah, I agree. Kinda sad really since Serenity is where I got my feet wet Mush wise, but I'm glad to finally be putting down roots in some other games now.

  • @RayneDev Grab their HSpace stuff on the way out?

  • @RayneDev Hey! That closed Fel-something mush was Felaguria, and I remember you played a Rayne Devantry there. Many greetings from Baldwin/etc player.

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