Seeking: Server-savvy sane sort.

  • ...hey, at least I'm not begging for a coder, right? (I promise, I'm not begging for a coder.)

    Working on some server-side setup for a game wiki and am, frankly, way out of my depth. I have some of the basics covered from following @Glitch's tutorials and buckets of google-fu, but I'm still running into issues, and sooner or later I'm gonna break something. :worried:

    I'm also reasonably sure that whatever it is I'm missing here is something someone with an actual clue would know to do, or is so obvious to someone who knows what they're doing that it's not even something people bother to mention in questions or tutorials.

    Game is, if it ever becomes any kind of thing, a small crash test space for some OT concepts and systems that's presently living on my comp while I build it. (If I am going to break shit all over the place, I'd rather contain the chaos in space I know better how to control. It's not 'throw it on a server'-ready in itself, and that part I don't need to bother someone about.) Since thus far my 'poke the terminal app tentatively' experience begins and ends with getting that to function on the most basic level, well, yeah. :grimacing:

    The game concept is pretty odd, would never be a 'next big thing' if it's ever even a thing, just so you're warned up front. It's a mashup of some 'Land of Lost Things' and afterlife/purgatory themes conceptually, shoe-horned into the systems a friend and I cooked up for a game that we want to work up in the future that would likely have broader appeal than 'Shit, surr's on one of her esoteric concept fusion binges again... ' (No, really, the other one's more broad appeal; it's why it's worth crash-testing the hell out of the foundation systems first! :) )

  • I have been shoulder-deep in wiki design, setup and wikifu recently for the LARP I'm involved in.

    Is there something particular that you are looking to do? I'm not really capable of, say, making a wiki work with a MUSH (I do not know enough SQL or the processes for that, even with various tutorials and theno's guides and such), but wiki setup, extensions, options and design I've gotten pretty good at. If you want, PM me or post 'em here.

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