Gutter Punk Wolf Pack! (Fallcoast)

  • Pitcrew

    "This is for all of the broken and abused, born to lose and all of those who decided not to!" -For the Kids, Authority Zero

    The Lodge of Scavengers is normally a UK localized Lodge, but they are allowed here. So, basically the pack would be members of an American version of said Lodge. Anywho!

    I am looking for werewolves, wolf blooded and Dead Wolves to form an awesome pack! (If other Supers are pack-joinable, them too!) Homeless or damn near homeless 18-21 year old gutter punks. Denim, leather, spikes, crazy hair, piercings and ink. Anger and rebellious attitude. Solidarity. When push comes to shove, even if they argue and swing now and again, this pack is FAMILY. They hunt for each other, fight for each other, and kill for each other. Tribe and Auspice is totally open as long as the concept is kept, and the requirements for the Lodge are met (Or you are working towards those requirements and will join on-grid!). They are : Survival (urban) specialty; Streetwise 2; Cunning 2; Purity 1. Sketch will be the Alpha, but only because I'm trying to put the group together.

    He is going to be an urban HiD, though the Auspice is not decided yet. He'll likely be 19 or 20 at most, and he is a Skinner...a local. However, he's been on the road a lot, so can have met folks in other cities to join the pack! The Lodge information can be found in Shadows of the UK, and they are a Lodge dedicated to the poor and destitute still being bad ass survivors. If you are new to Wolf but willing to learn, I am very happy to help you learn. We can run plots for each other, and even if the sphere gets quiet now and again, still find cool things to do! Hit me up if you are interested!

    I am Sketch on there if you want to hit me up on the game to discuss ideas and work stuff out. :)

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