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  • Recently ran into this webpage (caution, slow to load) on The Laws of Online World Design, with a distinct lean toward MUDs (and thus MUSHes), and it is a very interesting read. Lots of advise delivered in one-liner, no-nonsense sort of format, designed to be thought-provoking instead of lecture. Ultimately, it is a collection of wisdom from various people, sources and experiences.

    I found that most, if not all of these, can be useful information for a MU Owner or Staff, especially if just starting out. Several of the contributors are seasoned MUD developers.

  • Pitcrew

    @Rook Thank you for sharing this, it's really insightful for many aspects of online gaming.

  • Good old raph. He's so very bad at this.

  • I don't really see the "and thus MUSHes" connection; almost none of that is really applicable to any MUSH I've ever played. (Granted, I gave up after awhile when I got tired of thinking 'nonsense...')

    MUDs and MUSHes have some things in common but there is a great deal different.

  • Pitcrew

    Is Raph Koster still alive? I hadn't read his stuff since the mid-aughts.

  • Banned

    At the time I was obsessed with simulations and my "Lambert's laws" reflect that.

    Dr. Cat's "Attention is the currency of the future" was probably the most prescient when you realize social media was virtually nonexistent at the time. Most of today's popular online games interface with social media.

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