New System Idea

  • So between space travel thread and how to change mu threads, I reflected a little on an idea bouncing around in my head.

    Playing a drama oriented mu* once, I thought the old L&L matchmaking would be better suited to a relationship shake up system where realtionships are shook up every few months; either new partners or flings or unjustified jealous, partners swap around and rp the fallout and reasons to keep the drama going instead of the stagnation of same couples always together.

    I am not a fan of coded mechanics, I want Rp .. I can go elsewhere for games, strategies, ott, etc.

    Enter the campfire game of Mafia/Werewolf. Took me time to appreciate this game at first as there is no logical way to win or gain statistical advantage. Its realizing that through the bad guys taking out innocents and the weird mechanics of the good guys cant be exploited without giving the win to bad guys and the bad guys losing through happenstance of the group will that ... The interactive collaborative story itself is the fun and the 'game' is pretext to collaborating and having a good time sitting around a campfire with strangers and storytelling.

    Thus for comsumption and input is an idea for mu* story telling that is about developing stories not rolling dice to win or lose.

    MUSTY criticise to your hearts content. Collaborators welcome.

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