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  • Some of our MU* characters are nerds. Of course they are!

    Every so often the idea of gaming within the game comes up, but who really wants to run a TT campaign WITHIN A GAME?! No one, that's who.

    Well, guys, I have a solution. I just found Lasers and Feelings. It's so simple that you could RP a scene around it. You could run this on a road trip. It's cute, it's quirky, it's got room for hilarity, it's creative commons:

    I, for one, am totally gonna use this in a scene someday.

  • I legit laughed at this. The style/role thing got me.

  • @Tempest said in Games In Games:

    I legit laughed at this. The style/role thing got me.

    You know you want to have LASER FEELINGS.

    Or be a SEXY SOLIDER


  • I always wanted to have a paintball game on my old alt on Reno1. She had been given a paintball gun in a scene, in an attempt to shoot her then-regnant, so he could prove to her that she didn't need to be as frightened for him as she was at the time. (I don't recall why exactly at the moment, only that she was. She could have used a real gun and he still would have probably been able to laugh it off, but she never would have fired it and he was aware of that.) She couldn't, of course, hit him to save her damn life.

    This did not stop me from suddenly wanting to have paintball be A Thing on the unused floor of her building, which she had originally planned to renovate as an apartment until the idea of 'all around windows in your living space' became a spectacularly bad idea.

    It would have been fucking perfect for paintball, tho.

    While that player and I certainly parted on mutually unfriendly terms, I still appreciate that the paintball thing came up, because it was quite ICly smart, and it would have been highly entertaining if anybody had ever been willing to come practice shooting on the abandoned top floor of her building with paintball guns. At each other. Because there is nothing better to harmlessly vent any pent-up aggressions than shooting someone in the ass with neon green paint.

    On Shang, someone I played with for ages wanted to run an IC WoD game. This was funny to us collectively because in our RP circle was a regenerating mutant, a werewolf, a wereraven, a witch, a few ++ mortal types, and a couple of vampires. The jokes about how everybody would be RP-in-RPing every other 'type' actually represented in the group IC was fucking funny and the number of fist-fights that would have broken out over horrifying misrepresentations (while my alt likely would have spent her time begging everybody else to get along, and, as the regenerator, dying MULTIPLE TIMES OVER while inadvertently stepping in the way of said amongst-supers fights).

  • @surreality said in Games In Games:

    On Shang, someone I played with for ages wanted to run an IC WoD game.

    My PC is now running, at this very moment, a Universe of Darkness game on BSG:U using the Lasers and Feelings system.

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