Rings of Terra

  • Original Theme Space Opera, Retro Atomic Age

    Rings of Terra is set in an alternative universe, a human race on an earth like planet met with travesty several centuries ago. During their atomic age, a much larger rogue planet entered their solar system and the two bodies collided. This created an asteroid belt in orbit around their white sun. Somehow, inhabitants of both worlds survived this and for the past two centuries, there has been a feudal struggle between the human race and mixed races brought by the rogue planet. Within this asteroid belt, divided into several rings, there are 8 large asteroids with surface areas of 2 million square miles or larger (roughly with land masses on the scale of USA or China). The humans maintained the largest of these at about 3.5 million square miles of surface.

    This changed, an invading force arrived in a lightning blitz and conquered the largest land mass. The humans have been scattered to small independent asteroids and outposts. The remaining seven asteroid nations are under threat of being conquered, some have sworn fealty to this empire to help in this conquest of the solar system. The past two centuries had been a struggle for survival, fighting over resources. Now with a new threat, they are left to try and put aside their differences or join with this new cause.

    I enjoy creating theme and world building, but am interested in trying this as a group effort. I am seeking individuals to help develop the various factions/nations along with me to see what we might come up with. There is a location for this game to be hosted, and I am not concerned about coding, I am looking for individuals interested in creating an original space opera them as a group effort.

    A wiki is started to assist with development (http://terraring.wikidot.com/start) but its basically all that was said here. If interested please contact me here or via gmail (galacticvicelord@gmail (dot) com). It looks like we will be utilizing Slack for development/discussions.

    Edit, not an edit (more than this ad info): yes, i was interested in doing Flash Gordon, but realized like most comic places, everyone enjoys different versions or has different takes on what the Flash Gordon Genre should be.

  • Is the game actually online? I can't seem to connect to the IP listed on the wiki.

  • @fatefan said in Rings of Terra:

    Is the game actually online? I can't seem to connect to the IP listed on the wiki.

    I think all the 5's in the middle are like fake telephone numbers on TV/in movies: 402-555-1234.

  • No ipv4 IP octet can go above .254, so yeah, the .555 is a typo. Maybe .55?

  • That is not a real address, no. There is space for the game but it is not up. My current focus is on theme. As evident by the wiki, it's literally bare bone; not even bones yet. Just a scratch of overview concept.

  • Forcing a rocket age game to be an old IP would be horrible, either Flash Gordon or Buck Rogers. Letting you and players collaborate to make your own universe sounds like a great time, and I wish you all great success.

  • @Thenomain On that very thought, I've been reflecting on that very idea lately.

    The current trend seems to be a focus on staff and running things to the point a lot of mu development seems oriented at plug and play.

    I've been curious if I reset the philosophy by 25 years, would there be interest. Like, players join with a quota and its expected the build their own areas and contribute code to the game for further development, while contributing to theme development, would that be if interest? Or is that mostly me.

  • @AlexRaymond Building, you can likely get some traction with.

    Code? It's a much more specialized skill, and I don't really think it's reasonable to expect players to contribute code in order to allow their ideas to be realized. Also, you really never know what someone's going to add that may be more than a little fishy, violate privacy, etc. in ways that ultimately may prove to be much more added trouble than added benefit in the long run.

  • @AlexRaymond

    Expected to? Probably not. Allowed to? I’d be interested in how many people would take up that challenge for the fun that creating allows.

  • I like to add something constructive here, but in lieu of that, I'd ask you to imagine about ten minutes of fanboy squeeing.

    I would LOVE to see this happen!

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