Fate's Harvest

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    We are a nWoD/CofD Changeling/Mortal+/Mortal game using 'Changeling: the Lost' v1.0 (okay, more like 1.5) and modified GMC rules. Set in Vermont, most non-Hedge play will take place in the imaginary city of Fort Brunsett and, atop the nearby cliffs, the small and far too knowledgeable mountain town of Tamarack Falls. Also imaginary.

    The Freehold of Fate's Harvest is about to reach its second birthday. It is also about to learn just why the valley of Tamarack Falls was ripe for the picking...

    The MUX is designed to be a place where players can explore the themes and struggles of Changelings reaching the ends of their journeys, be they those who chase their dreams back to Arcadian arms or those they leave behind. High Wyrd is as common as low, as are the dangers it invites. Either road has consequences. Are they worth the price?

    Accepted Templates Include:
    Changeling, Fetch, Fae-touched, Enchanted, Psychic, Thaumaturge, and plain ol' human.

    Some fun tidbits:

    • Seasonal, solar, and transitional courts are all permitted.
    • High XP characters are allowed at start.
    • All Kiths have been balanced.
    • The chargen is really nice and easy!
    • Coded hedgefruit gardens

    The game is active, and we have a strong US-daytime/European player base. Please come check us out!

    (Note: Reposting this as the previous post still said Beta! If I've missed any COOL DETAILS let me know!)

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