Neo-Tokyo Nights, Broader Call

  • I've been looking over Neo-Tokyo Nights, and I've decided that it's foolish to go it alone, or have a narrow idea of what I need for a MUSH development team. Plus, there's a certain paucity to insight in its design, and I feel other people's views would benefit it.

    If you can offer a hand, whether grid work, thematic revision or contribution, offering new OOC or IC systems that could integrate with the game, write tinyplot drafts for potential plans, beta testers to do RP scenes to test the various coded and non-coded systems, even come up with staff political policies, I'd love your help. Even voyeurs and snarkers to keep me company would be nice. I don't want a major commitment, although you can give one if you want to, and I'm don't have a lot of time to commit anyways during the next month, but it's the beginning of summer.

    I've got a little recruitment kiosk object in the main OOC room, just use that, with your requested charbit name, e-mail for me to send your password, and job offer (don't feel limited).

    What I'm especially looking for is someone that knows how to market to put a nice bit of zing to it. I need an Al Gore to my Henry Kissinger.

  • Pitcrew

    What is NeoTokyo Nights? Since it has a derivative of "by Night" in the name, I assume WoD. NeoTokyo makes me think something Shadowrun-esque.

    Saying "Hey, I want to make XYZ MUSH. Who would like to help?" makes it hard for others to go "Sign me up" when XYZ is not a pre-existing IP we can reference to figure out what you're shooting for. At least NeoTokyo Nights doesn't appear to be a pre-existing IP. Google just comes up with a song.

  • i'm in. i will be your al gore; there's nothing more that i want in life.

  • @Ominous

    Have to wonder if the game is based off of this:

  • Sorry for being unclear!

    It's a crime saga MUSH based on leverage politics, at the level of syndicate management, organizational politics, and political intrigue between roles. There are ten global syndicate cultures that rule regions, the particular personality of the culture decided by leadership (all OC). All of it is beneath the hand of the Yakuza in a global council, like Dune, with the syndicates cooperating with each other, or competing, sometimes violently. There is an economics system with NPC power accrued by roleplaying and using a coded system to establish various IC landmarks, an NPC list of staff-played characters to use as IC objectives (that you can submit to), a skill roll competition system that plays into the advancement system (that also works with the IC landmarks), and an open-ended game world that encourages creativity, world building, and clever manipulation of other players IC. It's set in the near future, 2070 AD, after the Yakuza has united the world's organized crime syndicates underneath a 'Commission', Lucky Luciano's term for an organized Mafia unit spanning many syndicates that met together to decide on matters of dispute.

    It's essentially Dune meets Shadowrun.

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