Someone should do a Faerun game.

  • I would love to see someone do a Forgotten Realms (D&D) MUSH, where it is focused on a darker plot, maybe in the Western areas.

    I don't think that there are many D&D games around any more, are there discussions about them that I could see why in?

  • @Rook Generally, level-based advancement is tricksy, as it could result in L20 dinosaurs wiping out all the threats new L1 characters should face, or they team up and all the L1 folks get turbo murdered.

    Now, if you just took the setting and stapled another system on, we could maybe talk, because it is a cool enough setting.

  • Pitcrew

    Tenebrae is still around, I think, and seems to thrive as a D&D game. But the traditional struggles that have been mentioned are that it's fairly staff intensive - so much revolves around 'adventuring' that people tend to make characters and just hang out in the OOC room until there is an adventure, then go out. That puts a lot of burden on staff to constantly have adventures, or to have things that are very PrP friendly, with all the sandbox-related issues that comes down to.

  • Pitcrew

    Ugh. Faerun. How about a D&D MU* in a setting the isn't the most boring, generic, and ridiculous setting? Forgotten Realms should have stayed forgotten.

    Planescape would be awesome. Birthright would bring L&L elements. Eberron would be neat too. Dark Sun already exists as Armageddon MUD. Use a retroclone system, as many have level caps at 10ish and lower level characters can still adventure with the big dogs since there isn't the stat bloat and power spread that later systems have. Otherwise you are going to need to use E6 or something.

  • Now I'm gonna have to dig out my Birthright stuff. I'd forgotten about that game. That and Council of Wyrms.

  • Pitcrew

    There was an attempt that did not get off of the ground due to the relationship between peoples' level of interest and the amount of work involved in a project like this. The creator couldn't find help that stuck around.

  • Pitcrew

    @ZombieGenesis Birthright really should get way more love than it does. One of the more unique settings.

  • I would love to see a Ravenloft game, set maybe in a splinter realm that had nothing to do with Strahd, there are plenty. Would be good horror, wouldn't even need to use the D&D ruleset really, the background information in Ravenloft is just awesome.

  • Ravenloft is awesome, I particularly enjoy the mage system, where you have to make a pact with the Dark Powers in order to access any form of magic. I love the concept of slowly turning inhuman in various ways as a path to any form of power. A sacrifice for advancement is a concept that should be used more often in any form of fiction, D&D or MUSH or otherwise.

  • Not sure how to run a MUSH... but I certainly have an idea for a Faerun based D&D campaign.

  • (All these ideas for D&D games/settings)

    Hey, you guys know how to do all of them together? Spelljammer! Maybe with coded space boats?

    (gets murdered in her sleep)

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