New/Old mush now hiring staff!

  • Serpent & Unicorn is an old Amber-themed MUSH that initially shut down in 2001 after a short one or two-year run.

    I've decided to bring it back to life and am now officially looking for staff. Mainly coders and GM's.

    The grid is already fully built and the softcode mostly written. The place was however ported from TinyMUX to RhostMUSH and so a few things have broken here and there, but nothing major.

    The chargen might have to be redesigned, though. But I'm not entirely decided yet on that front, and it's certainly open for debate.

  • Pitcrew

    For those of us who came to MU*ing near the end of the last decade, what was Serpent & Unicorn?

  • Probably a game based off Roger Zelazny's books the Chronicles of Amber. Possibly including stuff from the second series of books as well.

    Most of them used some version of the Amber Diceless RPG which works very well for a MU* setting, if you're dealing with adults.

  • Pitcrew

    Amber is pretty much my favorite. Watching for news of this with interest!

  • @Lithium said in New/Old mush now hiring staff!:

    Most of them used some version of the Amber Diceless RPG which works very well for a MU* setting, if you're dealing with adults.

    ... so not a MU*?

  • @Lithium That doesn't give an answer of what it was. Just what it is based off.

    @Nasgarath I am curious to what Serpent and Unicorn is too.

  • @icanbeyourmuse & @Ominous

    Serpent & Unicorn is, indeed, based on Zelazny's books. It is set 25 years after the events of both series. Though knowledge of the books would not be required of players or coders (familiarity of the material would be a must for a GM, though).

    But for those unfamiliar with the books, the basic premise is that there are two poles of reality (Amber and Chaos) with, in between them, an infinity of worlds which are only but shadows of these two realities (Earth being one such shadow). PC's tend to be from one of the two poles which gives them some powers over shadows.

    Hopefully, that answers your question?

  • Pitcrew

    Yesssss. Amber.

  • @Ganymede Oops! I missed answering this... Serpent & Unicorn is, most definitely and enthusiastically, a MU* and more specifically a MUSH. And, even more specifically, a RhostMUSH ;-)

    The Amber DRPG mentioned by @Lithium was a tabletop game. But part of its rules were adopted by AmberMUSH and also influenced many of the other Amber-themed games which followed.

    Hope that helps clarify things.

  • @Nasgarath

    If I explain my humor, it will cease being funny.

  • Pitcrew

    Was that the version of Amber with the subdivided power structure? So you didn't have to buy ALL of Pattern if you only wanted certain aspects of it?

  • Pitcrew

    @bleys5 There are a number of Amber games that have met that criterion. Off the top of my head, Blood of Amber, Chronicles 1 & 2, Road to Amber, and I know I'm missing at least a few that had partial powers.

  • Pitcrew

    Just checked, and I was definitely thinking Chronicles. Road to Amber technically has a more unique power system, but with the highly-modified setting I'd classify it as more of an 'Amber-like' game.

  • Creator

    At this point I also might suggest Lords of Gossamer and Shadow if you wanted a setting.. Like amber but not Amber. Same system spiritual sucesssor