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  • Hey everyone! I'm new to the forum and was browsing around to get a feel for the place... Saw this thread and figured it'd be a good spot to introduce myself.

    Been mushing since 1996. Mostly on Amber-themed games (my first char was on AmberMUSH). Here's a list of some of the chars I've played over the years.

    AmberMUSH: Andreas d'Auvalle (1996-2003) and Syvyn Sawall (2002)
    ShadowStorm: Tezyryss Sawall (1999)
    RivaMUSH: Denhek (1999-2007) and Sepharon (2005-2007)
    GenerationsMUSH: Sylvan (2000)
    Crescent City: Armand (2000)
    Serpent & Unicorn: Suhuy (2000-2001) and Kavoran (2000)
    Endless MUSH: Mykael (2001)
    Elendor: Isendil (2007)
    Chronicles of Amber: Despil (2007)

    I was also staff on Serpent & Unicorn (as Nasgarath) and RivaMUSH (as Sith).

    I'm currently working on relaunching S&U... and there will soon be a separate post about that ;-)

    EDIT: I forgot to mention that I also hang out on a few social MU*s, sometimes as Sith (the Rhost devel mush) but mostly as Nasgarath (Gateway, M*U*S*H...)

  • @Nasgarath I don't think we ever ran across each other, but cheers to a fellow member of the 1996 club, and best luck on the relaunch!

  • Pitcrew

    Yes please somewhere to play Amber.

  • @LoaKey I've always liked the idea of playing Amber, but have it be based in a Shadow that is somehow important. Not important enough to bring every FC from Amber or the Courts, but still important enough that offspring are being sent etc.

    Could be a new power was discovered or something, I dunno, there's some resource like Corwin's dusting powder but not of the exact same type maybe.

    Could be fun without needing to worry about the heavy weights.

  • More Amber, yes please. Surprised you're not on Road to Amber.

  • @VulgarKitten - I did start creating a character on RTA (Khessen) but he's been stuck in chargen for 5 years as RL became complicated just about then :-o

    I've been going back lately though and might yet finish setting him up... We shall see.

  • RivaMush? Is/Was that the mush based on David Edding's writings?

  • @Apu Yep. That's the one. Once also (briefly) known as Beyond Belgariad.

    We tried to bring it back to life twice (in 2005 and 2007) but it never really picked up. Eddings just doesn't attract big crowds anymore.

    It's still up, technically, but it's only ever Jarin and me on there.

  • @Nasgarath said in Nasgarath's Playlist:

    We tried to bring it back to life twice (in 2005 and 2007) but it never really picked up. Eddings just doesn't attract big crowds anymore.

    Depends on the scope. Boil it all down, and the Belgariad/Malloreon cycles are an L&L tale.

    It might be just how you market it.

  • The problem with the Omnipotent Blue Rock books as a setting is... the omnipotent blue rock and those connected to it.

    It's hard to compare to the power that wizards bring to the table. In the Sparhawk series, the knights were a bit more approachable because they weren't out of the reach of other knights really. They were bad ass, to be sure, but in the end all the knights had access to their own stuff and the supporting cast was actually strong in their own ways.

    Sure you could boil down the Belgariad etc into a L&L game, but you'd need to keep Riva out of it due to all it's connections to the wizards imho.

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