• So @Jealousy mentioned this and I tried it out for a brief bit right before bed.'s kind of hilarious. I mean, awkward because it's an environment I am so not used to, but holy shit y'all.

    I got run over. Your health is way lower (at least on the server I joined). You can't respawn for 5 minutes. To give PC EMTs time to revive you.

    So these two PCs showed up, threw down flares. One walked around and the other like, kneels down beside me and is doing shit like:
    <name> checks for pulse.
    in chat.

    again, I'm sort of like okay. This is a new... whatever to me.
    So I just put:
    <my name> bleeds.
    <Them> looks for source of blood.

    At which moment another fucking car runs me over and just blood everywhere from the legs.
    <My name> definitely bleeds from the legs. Totally the legs. Yep.

    I mean, ten kinds of ridiculous, but whatever. It's GTA, y'know?

    I think so long as people get that I will never, ever take myself seriously, I might have fun with this. Just haven't decided if I'm gonna rage hard as a criminal or gonna try to join the cops to fuck with the criminals.

    I joined the LARP server since it's fairly (about a month old) new.

    ... is anyone else gonna try this?

  • I will definitely play with you on that server. Or try to, depending on time zone issues! There are some servers that are more serious with rp, or they have more rules anyway, but I just find it light, chaotic fun.

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