Star Wars: Dawn of Defiance


    The galaxy's state is tenuous. The invading TAUNG IMPERIUM, spurred on by a mysterious benefactor, has been pushed back out of civilized space, and has left change in its wake. A split galaxy with the Inner Core controlled by EMPEROR PALPATINE and the Outer Rim systems under the guidance of the now crumbling OUTER RIM REPUBLIC.

    The budding RESISTANCE challenges the Empire's power at every turn and has gained allies as well as support from segments of the Outer Rim Republic. Confrontation is still a dream as the peace between the Empire and Republic must be maintained. The REPUBLIC KNIGHTS work to maintain order in the war-torn Outer Rim while the remains of the JEDI ORDER and other FORCE TRADITIONS are becoming whispers and hearsay, hunted by the Empire's mighty INQUISITION.

    Using The Star Wars Roleplaying Game Saga Edition rules, we have created a rich world where player actions can control the outcome of the Galaxy. Come join us and fulfill your destiny.

    Dawn of Defiance has been around for years now, formerly known as Generations of Darkness. The story continues, but under new management. We've reached the 8th year after the formation of the Empire, and are almost at the midway point from the game's beginnings, to the Battle of Yavin on this 3:1 IC:OOC game. There have been some divergences from canon along the way, some minor, some major. But as we approach the proper rebel era, the focus of the game is starting to return to that important conflict.

    There have been code changes over the past years, such as the addition of the Scene System and some quality of life changes around the way people get around the galaxy. Are you an old player of Generations of Darkness, or looking for a wide open galaxy with lore and a history you can sink your teeth into? Give us a go.

  • Pitcrew

    Kitty still a staffer with that group?

  • @Faceless
    No. Kitty has departed, as has Ysalamir, Soresu, and Ataru - the latter handing me the mantle of Headwiz. Vaapad was left behind as per the change from GoD to DoD. Ashen still hangs out from time to time.

  • @Mercutio said in Star Wars: Dawn of Defiance:

    No. Kitty has departed, as has Ysalamir, Soresu, and Ataru - the latter handing me the mantle of Headwiz. Vaapad was left behind as per the change from GoD to DoD. Ashen still hangs out from time to time.

    This is me, peeking around a corner having heard my name...

  • Pitcrew

    Are there no more Taungs?

  • Pitcrew

    @Mercutio said in Star Wars: Dawn of Defiance:

    No. Kitty has departed, as has Ysalamir, Soresu, and Ataru - the latter handing me the mantle of Headwiz. Vaapad was left behind as per the change from GoD to DoD. Ashen still hangs out from time to time.

    I may just have to give this place a whirl again. Thanks for the answer!

  • @Fizzle11 said in Star Wars: Dawn of Defiance:

    Are there no more Taungs?

    The Taung are at the moment largely a non-issue / not an active story element. They may come back at a much later time in order to wrap things up.

  • Pitcrew

    I'm more of a lurker than a current player these days but for all the drama involved with staff-exodus (Djem So, et al.)/staff-secession the (Vaapad split)/staff hand-offs (Ataru to Trakata) from someone without a "MUSH clique" this game has always been fair to me. I've always had the impression that as long as you're active they're willing to work with you on character goals unless your concept really goes off the rails.

    Sure there's been good plots and bad global plots but at some point you've just got to appreciate a consistent experience that manages to survive for 4 - 5 years without reboots.

    I do wish chargen was a bit more "open" but such is the theme and I guess it's worked so far. Try this game out if you want a space-fantasy table-top experience. It's generally a pretty good experience.

  • I used to be a player there. Whoever is headstaff there now (not sure if that's you or not - I forget names) have their own characters rolling roughshod over every sphere. If you buddy up to them, things are great. If you go against them staff requests hit brick wall after brick wall. Its just not fun to have to deal with that. You can't win. You won't win.

    I know it isn't the first place that has had that problem with Headstaff, and most of us here are familiar with the experience, but this game didn't used to be like that. It had its problems, sure - not the least of which is the twinktastical SAGA system, but you could find ways around it and still have fun. But in the current iteration of the game, you can't avoid the influence of one of Headstaff's 5-6 characters no matter where you are or where you go unless you app in with your own group and isolate yourself from everyone else in the game.

    A yearly Star Wars movie has done well to boost interest. But at the end of the day if you want to do anything remotely important in the game its still dealing with overpowering Headstaff-alts all day every day.

  • Admin

    @Warma-Sheen said in Star Wars: Dawn of Defiance:

    I used to be a player there. Whoever is headstaff there now (not sure if that's you or not - I forget names) have their own characters rolling roughshod over every sphere. If you buddy up to them, things are great. If you go against them staff requests hit brick wall after brick wall. Its just not fun to have to deal with that. You can't win. You won't win.

    Oh, that's a game-killer right there.

  • Pitcrew

    @Warma-Sheen is it Risi or whatever?

  • I'd assume that's a side effect of the fact that all of the headstaff's PCs are probably like 5 years old, so not only are ahead in terms of levels, but also equipment, money, etc (which are all actual, real, physical things on the d20 games).

  • Risi is indeed my character. I'd say most of this claim isn't actually the case however, based around the fact that I barely even play her, or any of my characters these days. Ever since taking on the job of headwiz / staff duties, I'm far too busy to even weasel my characters into much of anything or anywhere.

    Still, it is true that I do indeed have a character in most 'spheres'. Risi is the most well played and well established one - as a natural effect of what @Tempest pointed out - but her influence on the galaxy as a whole is laughably small. Though she's had her impacts. Especially while I was just a player.

    Regardless of that, I'd right out say that the idea of staff requests hitting brick walls around anything is out-right a false statement. Putting up roadblocks doesn't make anybody happy on the game, and is outright poisonous to the idea of a roleplaying environment. Sure, characters may fail at tasks - not everyone is perfect at everything - but that's part of the system. We still will work as well as we can with our players where possible to get things moving forward - where they wish to move things forward.

    (As a side-note, it is notable that @Warma-Sheen has not been an active player (no participation in anything aside from a rare few logins) throughout my entire time as an admin, or even most of my time as a player, so I'm not entirely sure where this is coming from either.)

  • Pitcrew

    @Tempest Yeah. I'm not in the Risi clique but my perception is that the group hasn't changed fundamentally since Trakata took over the game (in terms of abuse/crowding others out). They were always a group of "movers and shakers" but its because they were active and Risi ran a lot of plots (which is part of the reason the game was passed to him/her).

    I earlier qualified myself as a lurker on the game so more recent experience may have more weight but they seem to be as ridiculously powerful and involved in stuff as they've always been -- so far as I can tell.

    That said, Malacia runs bounty hunting stuff and Trakata runs Mandalore stuff regularly for not-their-chars. Which isn't to say the game is equal opportunity but I don't view the situation with the venomous exclusivity that often seems to arise in games. "Gold of my own" or otherwise.

  • It is coming from my experience of you from before you were headstaff, @Mercutio, as a player and as an ST. And the game being passed to you was one of the reasons I have stayed away. And for anyone I asked, nothing seemed to have changed. Every time I check back in, hoping for things to be different, they aren't. I enjoyed my time there and it sucks that it ended the way it did, but I'm long past being surprised at the behavior of people on MU*s.

    I remember my last scene with you, where you ruled out of the blue that Miraluka could ONLY see other living things - in complete contrast to any and every interpretation ever run on the game. Specifically, I was down in a mining cave or some such and when I looked around you said all I could see was some moss. Where as other people were seeing rocks and doors and tools. But I can't see 'things'? Like my own armor and weapons? Stuff I used for years without penalty and invested feats and talents in? What? Get real. I checked out then and there.

    You took a twisted interpretation, turned the volume up to 11 on it and that was that. I don't know if you did it out of spite just to fuck me over because we've butted heads in the past. Only you know that. But it told me enough about you. And it told me enough about how my experiences there would be moving forward. And so I just stayed away from any future headaches and hoped that something might change some time in the future. That didn't happen.

    But that's just my one experience. People are free to take it or leave it.

  • @Warma-Sheen
    I understand how that may have been confusing at the time. Maybe I could have communicated what I meant better at the time. It's an element I inherited from the administration, not one I made up on the fly -- I was naught but a player at that point, as you point out. What was trying to be gotten across was that you were seeing 'thanks' to the force residing in living things such as the moss etc - which would have been standing out to your character.The wording found in force sight suggests that you see things in relationship to the life in the area - though that can be debated.

    This wasn't done out of spite, or to give you any trouble at all. Just as an RP element. I'm not sure how, by staying away and not RPing, you experienced that 'things changed' or 'did not change'. But regardless, as you pointed out, that is coming from your experience before I was even admin, which is now... what... a year ago?

    Perhaps give it a go again. You might be surprised if you give it a proper shot. There's no hard feelings towards you.

    P.S. I am in no way a perfect story teller / gm / whatever. I might make mistakes. But I try to make it work. If there are issues, a patient dialogue, or even reaching out to Malacia, my co-staffer - if you rather not speak to me directly - has a chance to resolve issues and make the game as a whole better for it.

  • Pitcrew

    I currently play on this game. It certainly has it's problems -- as all games do -- but I've encountered relatively little flail-handing drama on the game, save for that caused by ancient players who are decidedly not staffers, but had been ridiculously favored by previous staffers, suddenly having to deal with the possibility of being called out on their shit by other members of their faction and facing the consequences. (One player who led multiple non-Empire factions and consistently sold them out to the Empire in exchange for hot sexytimes coming immediately to mind.....)

    Granted, I will also admit that my one PC is in a rebel cell with the current staffers. With that said, 95% of the scenes our cell is in are run by.... not them. In fact, they don't even show up to most of our PRPs because they're too busy running shit for other people -- a source of much disappointment among our cell's players, but one we also don't complain about because their staff duties are more important to the game then rolling with us nerds.

    YMMV, especially if you're one of the ancient players that's having a meltdown at no longer controlling entire sectors after not RPing for a year and being a perpetual turd on public channels.

  • Pitcrew

    @Warma-Sheen Man if this was my game, reading this complaint would make me glad you 'checked out'.

    Classic MU*er case of "you did a thing I didn't like and it felt unfair but instead of chalking it up to distraction or human differences I decided you are worse than Hitler and made it my life's mission to h8 u 5ever"

  • This post is deleted!

  • Pitcrew

    @Warma-Sheen I think you're being a bit more critical than is necessary. Honestly it comes off as though you feel wronged by the current staffers, for the actions of past staffers. Someone was deeply involved with the game because they were active and had an active group? I think that's generally going to be how the average game operates in terms of giving those active people/groups things to do. The more active someone is, the more staff attention they'll get. Sure, that's not always the case. Sometimes you'll get your staffers who will preach and preach not having favorites, all the while getting their TS on via their NPCs with their chosen few. Something MSB, and it's predecessor forums has always taken a dim view of.

    Remember Dominion/Seraph, I think were his name(s)? That dude had everything handed to him while largely being distant from his own faction. All the while having pals make new characters with Noble levels and the Wealth talent to filter credits to him. That's his thing. That's his routine. Staff was pointedly told by people who have staffed on games that he had been on in the past: this is this dude's M.O., he will push the spirit of the rule and the sense of fair play to the point of breaking and will strive to be the top dawg through shady means. And he did. Staff never did a thing. So let's not go just flippantly pointing the finger at the current staff for the faults of past staff.

    I stopped into DoD recently to sniff about in consideration of getting back into some Star Wars play. Ultimately? Decided I wasn't really feeling it, but during that little probe I got the sense that staff's working to keep an active community and get people involved. All of my questions were fielded with no hint of exasperation or annoyance. Staff were friendly, polite, and courteous. They even went as far as to field my questions about activity levels across the various orgs, which groups could use people, and all the rest. That's better than many games out there. So while staff, as their respective PCs, may have done this or that in the past? It looks like they've got the interests of the game ahead of their own character's goals.

    Kitty could've been resurrected and made Headstaff. That could have been a thing. Let's keep some perspective.

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