Lancea et Sanctum, F&L

  • Wanted Concepts for the Lancea et Sanctum:

    Despair: Death is always followed by Despair. Or Despair by Death. In the City of Sin, suicide is rightfully common - you get hustled, and lose your way, man. That girl you slept with? Welcome to Syphillis, bruh. Racketeering, gambling debt, the mortal lures that can take all the neon lights away and show off the red-eyed Damned.

    This concept will be understandably hard for some, impossible for others, but I am looking for a Daeva, Child of Judas, a Suicide King or Queen that pairs with Ossius and the other Lance, a sort of archetypical Demon of the Crossroads. (s)he has a deal you cannot resist, and you will owe a debt you cannot pay.

    Primary function will likely be that of a casino shark, or even a loan shark. Possibly Carthian Connections. Just page/mail Ossius and Babyface for questions and concerns.

    (P.S - Said vampire was likely also cursed by Post-Mortis Embrace, via the Child of Judas discipline, which lets them feed on/manipulate Despair and, Curse folk with undeath)

    Icarian Prodigy:

    Childer of Arch-Bishop Pickett, raised and trained by the Duke of Destruction himself. @mail/page Luxor for more information on that end, but what does the current Lancea et Sanctum want and need?

    Pickett knew the dangers of his Covenant. Navigated demonologies and mythologies alike. The Lance and Sanctuary was powerful because Pickett chained and bound Damned that were like demons, gleefully casting chaos and discord, to his will. Conqueror. Anti-Christ. Dark Apostle.

    Said Icarian should hit the ground running, realizing or even finding a journal of their Sire that says, the members of the Las Vegas Sanctuary will do what is in their natures to do and cause more harm than good without a strong Will to keep them in check and use them, like a spear.


    Bruja Biker. Bride of Dracula with the Derangement: Delusional. Ex-vet. Warmongering Warrior. Soldier of Sin.

    Brutality. Companion to War, Butler of Oppression, Candycane Princess of Conquest. Damned because of their skill in war, or even some sin they did in war. This Bruja can function as a Bride of Lancea et Sanctul Paladin both - functioning beside Babyface in the Cardboard Court: PREPARE FOR VIOLEEEENCE!

    Supremacy of Sin:

    Pusher of Pestilence. Handler of Plague. The Anvil of Anvari.

    Another Daeva for the Lancea et Sanctum, and like the Child of Judas, this Daeva feeds on the misery of one of the dreaded Anvari. The Wings of Pestilence, The Chains of Famine. A mixture of sickness and oppression both. This figure will be domineering, and contagious, feeding the Daeva obsession with the obsession of others.

    Drug Cartel Queen? Carthian Mob Supplier? Lancea et Sanctum Demon of the Weak-Willed.

    Social. Intelligent. This Anvari will be one of those demons the Arch-Bishop kept in check, set free, their hungers and natures are encouraged to be unchecked.

    The Wolf of God:

    Blood Tenebrous Prophet. Wolf of God Crusader. Carthian Alpha. Dead Wolves, baby!

    Someone has to replace the Uratha, someone has to be the bestial daemon playing wrecking-ball for the Carthian Mob, but given the Messenger's Mark as favoritism by the Lancea et Sanctum.

    Maybe you were torpored. Maybe Mexico has word the Uratha are missing, and your Sire sent you. It is your duty, cabrone!

    Pickett's death means the Sanctuary is broken, and you, as a Beast of the Blood, know that with the death of the biggest threat in Nevada, and the missing presence of Uratha, Terrible Things will come.

    This Dead Wolf will be encouraged to join Wick as a Diplomat to Changing Breeds, as well as working with unnamed others who have stakes in the Hisil.

    These are some examples of what will work with the current Lancea et Sanctum on grid. Have ideas? Swing in. Liked Sabbat? Swing in.

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