Sailormoon: The Crystal Millennium

  • Welcome to Sailor Moon: The Crystal Millennium.

    We are a 'fan fiction' mu* placed in the universe of Naoko Takeuchi's Sailormoon. It is placed in Crystal Tokoyo, just after the defeat of Galaxia. Peace was restored but, as expected, it did not last long. A new, far more dangerous threat arose to bring destruction to the Sailor Senshi and all they hold dear.

    While, the Senshi are able to hold back the new threat, soon learned to be called the Zodiac, they are weakening the Senshi. The slow drain on the Senshi from the battles sent off warning to other universes, galaxies, solar systems and so on. This caused more and more Senshi to fully awaken. Drawn by the light of the Silver Crystal the newly awakened Senshi, and Kishi, are drawn to Crystal Tokoyo to help fight off the newest threat, hopefully for good.

    Will the Senshi and Kishi win against the Zodiac? Will the new Senshi be able to defeat the Zodiac? Only time and their powers will tell. Come join the battle of good and evil, defeat your foes.

    Port: 12900


    I am still working on building the grid and getting code in. I would love help on both of these, especially code since my code knowledge is limited. You are welcome to join and give input/suggestions/what have you. All the theme files should be done now for reviewing. If you see anything you think might be useful to add, by all means suggest it. I am Venus in game.

    My current desires for code:

    • list itemWho/where/finger, places, etc (you know, the default stuff.. I just don't like the default code in TinyMUX for this)
    • A Sheet wih XP spends (XP will be automatically generated each week with, maybe, votes as bonus XPs. No limit on how many people you can vote just not your alts)
    • A code that players can use as a 'transformation sequence'. You know, the fancy stuff that is always in the Magical Girl genre. Maybe it changes name to the chosen senshi/aliases them to their actual name?
    • Combatable stuff (perhaps NPC enemies that they can battle? Not sure on this) - is only noted when 'transformed'. This should include their weapon and 'Senshi abilities' (which will be customizable, maybe). I need to back and forth this with someone to solidly think of what would be best for handling (combat stuff and I are not friends) all this. It needs to be easily used by combat dumb people.
    • A map command that shows where you are and all that.

    That is all I can think of off hand. I'll be /attempting/ to code it by myself but.. yeah.. Code skills minimal.

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