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  • Pitcrew

    All the cool kids are doing this, it must be the things to do. This is who I have been:

    Dresden@The Reach (Build co-TL, various family staffing)
    Windshear@Depraved Creations (General Game Admin)
    DarkRider@Dark Metal (Mortal+ Admin)
    Voodoo@Denver: Dark Destiny (Headstaff, Mortal+ staff)
    Cold Spell@Ashes to Ashes (Mortal+ Wiz)
    Mspris@Wicked Purity (Headstaff)
    Mspris@Bloody Roses (Headstaff)

    Crystal, Lucy, Agatha, Honey@The Reach
    Poppy, Panthea, Regina and Cierra@Depraved Creations
    Calliope@Haunted Memories
    Jenny, Eliza and Brenna@Denver: Dark Destiny
    Lydia@Ashes to Ashes
    Hannah@Due Rewards
    Iolia@Aether 1.0
    Cassandra@The Forth Cycle
    Dyan@Eternal Night
    Faith, Lily, Geneva, Sorcha@Crack

    And there are probably another dozen or so PCs that I don’t remember offhand. There were a bunch of Marvel Comics mushes before I started playing WoD heavily.

  • Oh god, I remember Crack. Vaguely. Couldn't tell you who/what I played, but I remember it having Highlander rules!

  • @Zarkon

    MUSH with Highlander rules

    ... Wow. Haven't thought about that in a looooong time. Makes me want to break out my BJ Zanzibar archive.