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  • Pitcrew

    All the cool kids are doing this, it must be the things to do. This is who I have been:

    Past Staffing:
    Harahel@San Francisco (Mortal/+ Staff)
    Ruin@SHH (Headstaff)
    Dresden@The Reach (Build co-TL, various family staffing)
    Windshear@Depraved Creations (General Game Admin)
    DarkRider@Dark Metal (Mortal+ Admin)
    Voodoo@Denver: Dark Destiny (Headstaff, Mortal+ staff)
    Cold Spell@Ashes to Ashes (Mortal+ Wiz)
    Mspris@Wicked Purity (Headstaff)
    Mspris@Bloody Roses (Headstaff)

    Past PCs:
    Charlotte and Miriam@San Francisco
    Lucy and Agatha@SHH
    Crystal, Lucy, Agatha, Honey@The Reach
    Poppy, Panthea, Regina and Cierra@Depraved Creations
    Calliope@Haunted Memories
    Jenny, Eliza and Brenna@Denver: Dark Destiny
    Lydia@Ashes to Ashes
    Hannah@Due Rewards
    Iolia@Aether 1.0
    Cassandra@The Forth Cycle
    Dyan@Eternal Night
    Faith, Lily, Geneva, Sorcha@Crack

    And there are probably another dozen or so PCs that I don’t remember offhand. There were a bunch of Marvel Comics mushes before I started playing WoD heavily.

    Isla@Goldenroad (1st year Mysterium Acanthus)

    I'm also currently working on building a CoD game, a small handful of people know about that and that's enough for now as it's not ready to be shared broadly yet.

  • Oh god, I remember Crack. Vaguely. Couldn't tell you who/what I played, but I remember it having Highlander rules!

  • @Zarkon

    MUSH with Highlander rules

    ... Wow. Haven't thought about that in a looooong time. Makes me want to break out my BJ Zanzibar archive.

  • Pitcrew

    I haven't updated this in a LONG time, but I was asked about what I'm doing presently so resurrecting this just for updating purposes because why not.

    (Not quite as much free time over the last few years so I've been much more sporadic. A lot of time spent teaching the next generation of gamers how to game! But I still find some time.)

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