Exorcising Self-Driving Cars

  • This just blew my mind. Especially with the comment I saw it tweeted under:
    "Using salt circle runes to trap an A.I. car is possibly the most cyberpunk thing ever."

  • This is a performance art piece, it's a mundane car driven by the artist to make the theoretical point an AI car could be trapped. Its ssuming one could draw that faster than the artist did and actually trick the car into it.

  • Yeah, he's not just some right-brained fop though. The guy's working on his own self-driving car, and has done other technically tricky things. What I read wasn't clear but it does seem like he turns on the AI for his unit inside the circle during the video.

    I suppose in my excitement I didn't lay down a 30,000 word litany of disclaimers and of-courses.
    Or linked the article I found for myself on Vice I found via an easy TinEye search.

    Or left the fun verbiage and said "Hey fellow RPG fans on an RPG forum about playing RPGs in old text-based servers, does this not look like the kind of thing that would work in a cyberpunk dystopia like many of the RPGs we enjoy, and does that not have cool parallels to the fantasy RPGs we also enjoy? What ho!"

    Nah I'll just leave it as "HEAD ASSPLODEY WOW" and add this quote from the tech-savvy artist: "I've got totally carried away in the research, and ended up writing a bunch of my own software, rigging up cameras and building neural networks to reproduce some of the more interesting currents in the field. Like the trap, I wouldn't entirely trust what I've built, but the principles are sound."

  • I'm only saying it's conceptual performance art. Appreciation is in the conceived concept by the artist. And for the artist and the art. I appreciate this as art.

    If I'm looking for AI or machine driven with I'm more a fan of Roxy Paine's sculpture producing machines and works that take input from weather reports and the stock market to decide what to do next. Or Jean Tinguely and his self destructive machines.

    Not Trying to lift the veil, just saying it's art. Great conceptual stuff, and kudos to the artist.

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