Reno needs a hand. (Stop applauding, smartass. :P)

  • Okay, so, currently Reno is still running off the code that Theno so graciously installed for @tragedyjones ages upon ages ago, when he opened the place. Changes and tweaks (and some breaks) were made here and there, but for the most part, that's what we've got.

    And Theno has since released much more stable, up-to-date code for WoD 2e. Which we desperately need. A fresh install of his code would, obviously, be the easiest - but it would also mean a loss of everything all these people have worked to build, IC and OOC.

    Nessie (in-game) and I took over this place when Wendigo needed to step down, because we didn't want everything to fall apart for players who were falling in love with Reno all over again. I'd hate to disappoint them now. So I'm really hoping I can find someone who's familiar with code, and willing to help us migrate between systems while preserving as much data as possible.

    Any courageous volunteers?

  • @Scorn

    Just to fill in some history: Reno 2 is running on the Reno 1 code, which was a re-skinning of @Cobaltasaurus' Darkwater. The code had serious limitations, so while the people who took over DW did their own thing with it, that 'own thing' became, as happens when multiple coders work on the same project, a patchwork of my baseline and their additions.

    History lessons.

  • Trying to migrate code is difficult, sometimes it's best to just start clean with a single coder who can write up stuff that groks to /them/. There's a lot of different ways to do the same thing. Some may be more efficient than others, but as long as it works, it works.

    If the way the code was written and most 'data' is in database objects, it could be a pretty painless port all things considered, but it really depends on how it was coded originally.

  • Tutorialist

    1. No, I installed the code on Reno. @Thenomain may have helped afterward? But that was me and @tragedyjones. It's why Nekomata basically owns all of the code objects.
    2. I offered Wendigo several times to migrate over from the old code to Theno's new code. As I even had it all in text files mostly 100% ready to just c/p in. I probably wouldn't have needed to touch anyone's +sheets. Every time I offered I was met with silence.
    3. If I can find my text files I can either give them to you, or try to find time to migrate the code over.

    ETA About the only thing I didn't do was muost of what they have for werewolf right now.

  • @Cobaltasaurus Migrating to the new code when the game was off and there was no active sheets would have been ok... but how would you do it now? I thought the way attributes on characters was stored was different.

  • I can also do monkey work to help out formatting files or whatever.

  • @skew said in Reno needs a hand. (Stop applauding, smartass. :P):

    @Cobaltasaurus Migrating to the new code when the game was off and there was no active sheets would have been ok... but how would you do it now? I thought the way attributes on characters was stored was different.

    The basic storage is the same. The more advanced storage, such as how Gifts are done, may be quite, quite different.

    @mvattr would be key, here. For once, I would strongly suggest not testing in production; make a copy of the game so that you can get it wrong over and over.

    I'm willing to look at the way things are formatted and give some help, but I don't have the brainpower to work it all out.

  • Any help that anyone can give would be hugely appreciated. @skew is right, I'm figuring it's much trickier with active PCs on the grid. If @Cobaltasaurus has a reliable way of working around that obstacle, so much <3. I'm nervous as heck about testing it on the live game, but maybe we can figure something out?

    As far as werewolf and Gifts, if that can be fixed, yay. My wolf staffers have been manually setting every Facet on PCs and subtracting the correct amount of XP from them for months. lol

  • Fuck you, you're not my mom, I WILL DO WHAT I WANT!!


    Reminds me to dabble with Woof Lawyer again at some point. WE WILL SEE.

  • Tutorialist

    @Scorn Not really. If @Thenomain thinks the game should be copied-- someone should do that. But that wouldn't be me because despite @Chime walking me through it I haven't retained that knowledge.

    Best I could do would be to temporarily put the new code in as something like: +sheet2, see how much is broken on PCs. Get that all fixed, and then halt the old code, and put in +sheet2. This, of course, also means doing this with like +xp, and stuff.

    Though @skew keeps telling me that +XP in the new code depends on SQL? Which I don't know that reno has?

  • @Cobaltasaurus knows what she is doing too. What I’m afraid of is that @mvattr destroys what it replaces, and the old system and newer system are so similar that it is not trivial to make a unique new set of attributes for the new system (for those of you wondering why I didn’t recommend @cpattr). This means that any mistakes made in updating between systems are permanent.

    I’m willing to make the copy and come up with a way to refresh it in the inevitable disasters that will happen while working out the translation scripts. It’d be fun to work with Cobalt again, and with Skew prodding at things too this shouldn’t take more than three, four weeks. Ish. Vaguely.

  • Clone the game, test in a test environment, find out what works and how to best transition on the live environment.

  • My advice is backup the game, start new game and give everyone a free +sheet rebuild after carrying the xp over to new bits. Host the old game yourself for anyone who must login to get obj code for whatever reason.

    But then, I am lazy.

  • Pull all attributes, assign temporary new names, map to new functions after?

  • @Misadventure said in Reno needs a hand. (Stop applauding, smartass. :P):

    Pull all attributes, assign temporary new names, map to new functions after?

    The data needs reformed, not the attributes. The functions are easy; I have a whole GitHub repository full of functions. Data translation is always unexciting.

  • Data needs reformed how? Whatever it is, there are repeatable steps, and I among others can do it.

    Do not doubt the power of the monkey!

  • Tutorialist

    @Thenomain @mvattr has the option to leave a new attr aside with the data.

  • I stand corrected. Most of the +sheet attributes on actual players (e.g., attributes, skills, etc) are stored in the exact same fashion. (e.g., _ATTRIBUTE.STRENGTH : 2). For some reason I thought there was an issue with . vs _ but now I recall that was elsewhere in the code.

    In theory, if you store all the character data, you can just wipe everything and go from there.

    @Cobaltasaurus Yes, you need SQL. Which means recompiling. And having MySQL. I'm sure it's installed, just unsure how to get a new username/instance/whatever lingo MySQL uses. Probably need Chime.

  • Woof Lawyer is no more. Alas.

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