Angle @Marvel:1963

  • So, usually if someone disappears, there's a hint it's coming. There was none here. One day he and his alts just stopped logging on. His alts there are Tommy and Marie-Ange.

    We don't think he has an account here but if anyone should know who the player is and has contact info, there's a bunch of people who are concerned. Thanks.

  • Best case scenario (I used to do this in highschool), he's got an extremely busy lifestyle and drops in and out of social commitments. I had a 20 hour workweek and classes. I'm not saying that's what it is, that's just a nod to hoping.

  • @Chet Don't think so, really. Some added detail since someone might know someone who had the same circumstances by a different name.

    He just moved. However, he was logging on during it and got his computer all set up. At the same time, he went to a convention. He was logging on from the con itself just to say hi and report on it. Then the con ended, he was home again then... nothing.

  • Also this is one of those insane people who actually use their phone to MUSH when away from the computer, so he'd regularly phone-connect just to shoot the shit.

    So yeah, worried :|

  • Do you know what con it was? Even if someone doesn't necessarily know the player by this description, some con networks are pretty tight; you may catch the attention of another poster here who may know someone they could ask if the circumstances sound familiar.

    I don't do cons these days, but the husband does a few, and I'd be happy to ask him if this sounds like anyone he knows if the con is one he does. (I think he was doing Anime Next most recently.)

  • Megacon, apparently.

  • Okay, player is male. At least part Puerto Rican. And the con was Megacon in Orlando.

    He's played on several comic Mu*s and seems to favor the less well known characters such as Tarot.

  • It is quite possible that he perhaps realized/felt he was spending too much time MUing and decided to quit cold turkey, or got a girlfriend or something and re-prioritized.

  • Maybe started a new relationship and his priorities shifted.

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