DC Elseworlds MUX

  • This is just DC Rebirth rebranded to more accurately represent our theme. We have also moved to a new site.

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    Reality can only be destroyed and rebuilt so many times before it becomes permanently damaged, fractured beyond repair. The latest so-called "crisis" was too much for the DC Universe to bear and the walls separating the various multiverses have weakened becoming porous and insecure. The univese did the best job it could in rebuilding itself, in creating as rational a reality as it could for the beings that called it home. Unfortunately bits and pieces of other universes keep finding their way in, contaminating the home universe with things that do not belong. Beings are finding themselves ripped from home realities and timelines and deposited here in this one.

    DC Elseworlds MUX is a game based on DC Comics. We use the New 52 timeline as our base but that is only for the convenience of having a base to work from. There is always the possibility of Elseworlds characters being pulled in from their native realities into this one. Our goal is to create an easily accessible game with a continuity to build upon (New 52) that also allows for players to play whatever version of a character they want (Elseworlds). It's a game where realities collide, where familiar heroes are often replaced with strange and unusual versions of their classic selves.

    We offer a streamlined character generation system using the DC Heroes RPG as our backbone and the Comic Vine website as a means of minimizing tedious data entry for character backstories. We offer a number of "mega" grids (Metropolis, NYC, and Gotham) and a number of minor grids (Oa, Themyscira, Atlantis), as well as the option to add RP spots on the fly. While we offer a +dice system for conflict resolution we also allow and encourage consent based RP using your +sheets as a guide for your character's abilities and limits.

    Site: dcelseworldsmux.com
    Port: 2001

  • Sadly I just never quite found my footing with this game. I'm honestly not entirely sure why, we had a good start but things just sort of fizzled and my attempts to rekindle it never quite worked out. In addition, my interests are beginning to shift from the superhero genre to things more horror and fantasy related. As such I have officially closed DC Rebirth. The site will remain up for another week if anyone wants to grab any decomps or anything.

    Thanks to everyone who stopped by. I had a great time there with my PCs and I will certainly miss the RP. We had a small player base throughout but you were all fantastic. Thanks for the memories. :)

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