Vacations & Leave Thread

  • ...because this is not always a drama flounce thing. Sane space to contain this kind of thing; this is fairly standard on games for a reason these days after all.

    Me personally: I'm out to deal with RL. Inspiration to write creatively is out the window, likely for good, and RL is taking up too much of my patience to deal with the usual bullshit in the hobby to do dev or non-artsy things in a hobby when RL's draining as fuck-all. Physical health and work stuff get priority, because (duh) RL is a thing, and time and patience are in limited supply for the time being. Still hanging around here to see if inspiration eventually does strike, and this is where I tend to talk to certain folks most easily. Plus: there's a lot of funny shit here on the regular and that's nice.

  • Pitcrew

    Apparently, I got burned out on stuff. I definitely had shifted from "I want to log on" to "I need to log on or I will disappoint people." I thought that just dropping my main char at the moment would cure that, but then I just ... stopped doing anything.

    To people I left hanging, I'm sorry. But this has really been a wonderful mental health break, and I've enjoyed feeling that I could do what I want when I want and that I didn't have to juggle all the things. I'll doubtless be back again, as soon as I feel inspiration.

  • And off for about two weeks.

    May check in from the phone but comments will likely be shorter than this, because I finger type for complete crap.

    (Seriously, I still have a love/hate thing for the friend of mine who wise-assedly made me type out 'Massachusetts' in full while passing through it once just to watch me struggle through two minutes of trying to manage that one. Ooooh, all the fuming-while-trying-not-to-laugh for that one!)

  • I am out for a while too. I'll probably be back.

    (Who are we kidding? I'll definitely be back. Who knows when.)

  • No drama flounce or horror show; just heading out to road trip ville for a week+ish.

    This is more or less a warning that while I may check in some, expect even shittier typing and brief responses to things. If you have some long question or something you want me to check in on, it's gonna have to wait, though. Same with any wiki inquiries.

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