Help Wanted: Adult Themed MUSH in the making

  • Looking for help with making an adult themed(sexual content will be the focus) game. Need perhaps another coder - but most definately people willing to make news files in a educated and concise manner. Someone experienced or willing to learn how to build to staffs standards, and people with creativity and such for help with theme and making what will hopefully be player ran and staff supervised structures for other players to enjoy. The best way to get in touch with me is by connecting to and just leaving Kitai an @mail. Thanks for your interest!

  • Pitcrew

    What kind of adult themed game? What will differentiate this MU from Shangrila and other such games? Will this be a sandbox game, or will there be a theme? What sorts of rules do you have in mind as absolutes already? Age limits? Alt limits? OCs only or Licensed entities as well? Will there be email verification required? Are you sane? I only ask that last one because it takes an excess of sanity to handle the nonsense that will come your way with a sexual-content focused game & we like to know up front in this community what level of 'I got this' you've got.

  • I would be more than happy to discuss that with you on the game. Thanks!

  • Tutorialist

    I think you might get more interest of people willing to help, if you discussed what it's going to be other than "Smux"?

  • Pitcrew

    Definitely this.

    I'm curious but I really need to know something!

  • The setting will be based in an AU city set in roman-ish times. There will be plenty of room for players to run organizations under limited staff supervision, people to own businesses and drive rp, as well as have their own private houses and such. The more the merrier, honestly. I have rules in mind, but want staff to be able to help form these rules and such. I want this to be a group project. OC and licensed entities, it doesn't much matter to me. Play whatever you want, kinda deal. I think the largest part of this project will be the forming of rules, and the building of the grid and setting up a way to ensure that it can be maintained. I hope this helps with anyone who is interested, and that it will further encourage you to log in so we may talk at more length. :)

  • Two hundred and twenty-two years ago, a man was crowned Emperor. On this day, 253 AD, Caesar is king and the great Roman Empire controls much of the known realm, and has made great economical, scientific and astrological progress. Threats have come and gone - the great armies of the emperor remaining strong and mobile in its ability to defend and expand the nation. So great was the retribution of Rome that a citizen needed only to utter the words Civis Romanus (I am a citizen of Rome) where ever they went. For the fear should harm come to even one Roman citizen and what Rome may do if this would happen, Romans travelled unhindered throughout the known world. The gears of time turn forward and the ever changing capital continues to empower is military leader and the senate while the slave force of the city grows thanks to the hard work of the Celestial Templum. At the same time, the plebeian populace continues to grow, while the powerful patriarchs position themselves in to maintain their elevated status in the Empire.

    The Celestial Templum changed the course of history for the Roman Empire shortly after its establishment at around 89 AD, when the first Rex Sacrorum entered the city and was given his title by the Emperor. The cult changed the course of the empires history forever when it built the first templum in Rome, which allowed portals to be opened to other worlds. These portals allowed the cult to amass unimaginable power. In addition to tapping into this power from beyond, the cult was able to connect with beings on the other side of each portal in some cases, bringing them through. With its magically reinforced armor, weapons and seemingly endless supply of soldiers and slaves, the empire and cult were easily able to take what they want from these other worlds, even those scientifically more advanced.

    Come join the mysterious Roman Empire and its Celestial Templum and find out your fate! Enjoy promiscuous roleplay with many different people in different entertaining venues - open your own business, or make a name for yourself in the senate. Join us at Elysium! port:8001 - Hope this helps people decide if they want to help. We need builders and probably just general help/maybe a coder at this point. Want them to stick around after the game opens as staff, as well.

  • Hello,

    Some of my development team was swept away due to RL, so I am once again in need of help. I am looking for a Coder who will be able to make a +rent system, as well as a +home system that was thought up by one of the people who RL took from the team. Also looking for someone willing to help with new files and can bring ideas to the board. Connect info is the same, hope to hear from some of you soon! :)

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