• I need a solid host that isn't going to be to expensive. I have an idea that I absolutely /must/ build, but given the current things going on I'm willing to take suggestions.

    Hell I'd just take a spare port with Rhost (Don't really need reality levels for my idea) or the latest version of TinyMUX on if anyone has a spare port they'd be willing to loan me until I got it ready for alpha testing and could move to a new location.

  • @Lithium DigitalOcean is $10/month and can be set up to include the wiki pre-installed. You just have to add the MUX. @Glitch's Zero-to-MUX thread covers the steps, and it's pretty much that simple.


    Run by a former MU*er, also a close friend of mine.

  • I know my PennMUSH is on's servers. They are fairly cheap, like 6/month for the basic package which is really all you need. The guy is also willing to work with you and change up package stuff, so like-- if you don't need all the space, but like to have a solid domain name... Things like that.

  • I tried Kydance, but the guy never e-mailed me back. Thanks for the tips.

  • Linode. The $5/mo is more then sufficient for a mush.

    Edit to add: To be clear, that's 1 CPU core, 1GB of ram, 20 GB of SSD storage, and more bandwidth then you will ever, ever, ever need, for both a game and its wiki if you want to host it on there.

  • I'm using amazon web services and it's running about 3 bucks a month during the building phase and I have 4 games running on it at the moment (Yes Yes I know I just setup a new core to get game ideas out of my head.)

  • @Seamus have you looked at Google's web service? Trying to debate Google vs Amazon for future moves my team might make.

  • Pitcrew

    Seconding @surreality and Digital Ocean. It is stable, affordable, and has mediawiki.

  • @golgoth I haven't no. But I used AWS because it gave me a free year trial. Now that I've used that up it looks like it is going to run me 3.00~ a month. For building at least. I have no games in production so I'll update once I open a game.

  • Admin

    I just started with Linode a few days ago and it's going great. $5/month is nothing (and the first few are paid by a coupon thing), I got root access on a distro of my choice, and the machine is fast and responsive. No complaints.

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