Neo-Tokyo Nights

  • I've made a bunch of bungled projects in my time, and I've decided that my error has always been in choosing a project theme that doesn't fit my style. I'm experimenting with an entirely original MUSH based on a number of topics, a pastiche if you will. It's a science fiction crime game, in the vein of a cyberpunk theme, but with a much more open RP world in terms of player choice. I've taken my studies of organized crime, my lifelong love of science fiction, and my admiration for politics RP, and placed them in a base for a MUSH set in the year 2070 AD, drawing on an old subtheme that Shaun Sans Pants developed for his initial incarnation of Megaman MUSH where the Yakuza had taken over global organized crime (this is indeed a possible outcome RL, thanks to a few factors - Japan has no RICO or money laundering laws, Japan is a corporate transconduit for clandestine and international finance in the Pacific, and there was a housing bubble in the 1980s that the Yakuza exploited to great financial benefit).

    I've got a coded system, my theme is already in place, and my grid is finished (roughly half-desced), I just need help filling in the details before I go into beta to playtest my dynamics and game theory. I need help describing the MUSH, and it's a unique task. I've got a system in place that demands use of grid resources and planting little background tidbits on the grid, so the grid descriptions are especially important, and the grid is extensive. I've got the Middle East, Oceania, and Asia done, and I'm in Europe right now. If you'd like to assist with world building (just putting any little silly idea you have into a near future), I'd love to have you. I'm also open to other changes as well!

    The working address right now is . Log in a Guest and @mail me if I'm not active, I have a weird sleep schedule right now, but give me an e-mail and requested character name if you want to get involved. If I'm online, of course, I'll give you a bit. :)

    I don't know of many other OC MUSHes, so it's an experiment, but I plan on making it as aesthetically pleased as possible! (Unlike my other projects, which were created poorly.)

  • @Chet I like the idea of an OC game, I've seen some beautiful ones done back in the hayday of hobby. This actually hits on something that bugs the crap out of me about some games (WoD especially).

    People just ignore the crap out of theme. They throw it away and trample it.

    Back in the day this used to be called 'Special Snowflake' where everyone is special and somehow defies theme to the point that there is no regular theme in place, the game loses it's flavor entirely. It's something I've seen infest a number of good games and anytime you try to bring up playing within theme you end up with people attacking you for saying something is 'wrong fun'.

    I hope this takes off, not only because it's a sci-fi game, but because it's not /pretending/ to be something it's not, which is what you run into on a lot of games.

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    @Lithium I used to get that occasionally due to the way I ran a Naruto theme on MCM sometimes (mostly from one player). Primarily because I tried very hard to be consistent with Naruto's theme. Unlike most anime, that theme has all their dumb anime shit down to Star Trek level science detail, so I just tried to maintain that consistency because I thought it was cool.

    That said, I honestly do enjoy some theme coherency, I feel like it creates some limitations to give the world a solid flavor. And when those limitations are broken, it's cool and special. A part of why I'm limiting my MU to four areas of theme inspiration to start, and only veeeery selectively adding anything after those four in a way that doesn't impact the established world too hard.

    So yeah, don't be afraid to stick to theme! Also, if anyone knows Yakuza, it's definitely Chet >_>.

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