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    I guess I've responded to enough of these that I should probably try and remember who the hell I was.

    Crypt - Corak, Locke (Werewolf, not the kid), one or two other minor ones
    Nightscape/Necropolis - Shen, Blake (Aka Slate, Aka ... whoever the hell else he turned into)
    Crypt 2/Valley of the Damned - Colwyn
    Chivalry (Post-apoc version) - Astynax (leonine mutant thing)
    CrystalMush - Elrick, Solian, Evan, Damien, Berem, couple of others whos names escape me.

    Manhattan by Moonlight - Jeremy (Bastet); Bullwinkle (Build Staff)
    Cajun Nights - Jin
    Monaco - Cody (Virtual Adept)
    Mercyground - Ethan (Homid Silver Fang Ahroun); Some staffer whos name I forgot.
    GarouMUSH - Jeremiah (Metis Ronin Galliard), Gunnar (Homid Get Theu... Godi)
    Guilded Promises/Due Rewards - Thorne (Homid Get Ahroun), Dominic (Giovanni), Lion-o (Staff - the one that made me swear off staffing permanently)
    Paris - Blaine (Homid Khan)
    Pacifica - Some Keui-Jin; either Takeda or Kagero
    Metro - Jaegar (Simba), Some other Keui-jin; whichever name I didn't use at Pacifica
    Haunted Memories - Christian (Mastigos Guardian of the Veil; was there for a couple of months when the game opened)
    Darkwater - Adam, Kane
    The Reach - Kier, Rohan, Aramis, Cyrus (Roth), Vale, Elias, Riggs
    NYC - ... Mage, Shadowname Vidocq (Mastigos Guardian of the Veil, 11th Question; forget his real name), Gideon
    Reno 1- Thorne, Gideon
    BITN - Cade
    Eldritch - The Price (Cover was Grayson, I think)

    Few other places, but I don't remember the character names. Few other characters that I don't remember the names of the places they went to:
    Iain - Gwydion Sidhe turned Ailil (Some place that had a lot of drama with faestaff, and made me one of my best friends online ever - but I keep forgetting the name of the joint)
    Ridley - Scatach Sidhe (I think this might've been Pandemonium)
    Lazarus (Lasombra - some place set in Hawaii)
    Locke (Giant City Gangrel; recent V20 game set in Florida who's name escapes me at the moment)
    Brett - Ratkin Engineer (Name began with P. Or T. Or something. Think it was set in Boston? I don't know anymore. I barely remember my 20s)
    Cassius - Nosferatu, failed proto-gargoyle looking thing that mainly quoted Shakespear. (Denver? Something?)
    There's probably more; likely they'll come to me. Eventually.

    Fallcoast - Jericho, Shen, Domhnall
    Reno 2 - Thorne, Dalton
    Fates Harvest - Ridley

    Have characters on Fear and Loathing and Fallen World, but I never figured out how to get them off the ground.
    (Edit) - added staffalts that I remember.
    EditEdit - fixed the name of a place I misremembered

  • Pitcrew

    We've already mentioned the encounter on Fallcoast and the trebuchet idea.

    You were also The Price(Grayson) which was within the same Law circle as my own Mr. Bowman(Cover: Jack Smith). I distinctly recall two encounters with the character. He was there when Jack Smith lost his lunch over a particularly gruesome scene that @Auspice reminded me of sometime ago. All the while The Price(Grayson) was super stoic and unflinching. The other encounter was when my character's other Cover, Ryan Jones who was a journalist, was getting too close to a crime scene and Grayson firmly but politely asked him to step back - and of course the Cover had to do what any good journalist would do. Blow it out of proportion. It was suddenly "power-hungry cop intimidates curious bystander", etc.

    Good times. Keep up the good work.

  • Pitcrew

    Yar; I remember that - the former being because Grayson had literally just come out of the cooler <I remember that part of his story actually occured on grid as what would have been a longer running staff plot> And the latter was a cop being a cop - but yes, it was great, and a great reaction.

  • Your CrystalMUSH names seem somewhat familiar... But that was so long ago.

  • Pitcrew

    Yeah, it was a lot of years. Elrick was probably the most (in)famous of the characters - Medic, somewhat ascerbic and brutally efficient (Like, he wouldn't bother with anasthesia because it would take too much to affect a Singers metabolism, and he was more likely to cut a heavily damaged limb off off than try and repair it; because they would just regrow it anyway). I was also known for particuliarly viscerial Adaptation scenes - largely because I was RL on the premed track when I started the character.

    Solian was this kind of technoprimative sort; communicated half in sign language, half in vocalization <because his native language was part somatic>. Berem was the leader of Kalgoorlie, after the person who built the planet left it and asked me to take over. Evan was a little tunnelrat cuttertech who liked to tinker with things and usually was found hiding under the desk.

  • I'm Paris on F&L, let me know if I can help. o.o

  • Aww Elias <3 Also, did you leave Fallen World???

  • Pitcrew

    @Paris - Thanks :) I re-created a Corvian there, but I've just been lacking for inspiration OOC

    @VulgarKitten - No, I still have my bit there; I just haven't really logged in/played there in... months. Many months. The place and people are great, but I sort of lost my place and haven't really found a group or way to get re-involved again; so I've just been kind of floundering.

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    @Killer-Klown said in Killer Klown's Playlist:

    Ridley - Scatach Sidhe (I think this might've been Pandemonium)

    Hey, I knew you! I was Daisy on this game.

  • Pitcrew

    @krmbm Eep! Lazy Dazy?

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