Tokyo Ghoul Mush???

  • (please don't laugh okay)
    So I've loved Tokyo Ghoul for a while now (I don't watch a lot of anime, but this one is pretty good), and it suddenly occurred to me it would make a great MUSH. It's a fresh take on the vampire genre, with strong differences that I think make it more enjoyable/relatable. Of course, a Ghoul MUSH would only be based off the TG universe, and not have the plot involved at all, meaning anyone can play it, as long as you like the concept. For those that haven't watched it, here's the gist of it really.

    What are Ghouls?
    In this setting, a species has arisen that feeds off the human population, called Ghouls. They live amongst people, and seem for all the world like you or me. But they are the ultimate predators, consuming human flesh (or under taboo, the flesh of other ghouls, with dire consequences) to survive. Their 'claws' are called kagune, a predatory organ that is as fluid as water, but strong as steel. For more info see here.
    For more info on ghouls, see here.
    For a trailer of the show that sort of gives some kind of feel as to what ghouls are, see here.

    Why Ghouls over Vampires?

    Yes, you may be asking, why not just stick with the known genre of vampires? Well it's simple really. Vampires are an overused genre, stale and unchanging most of the time. With little flexibility. They also have this -godmode- with immortality, magic, and other things that make them invulnerable. Impossible to relate to.

    In the world of Tokyo Ghoul, ghouls are not immortal. They are not revered. They may be strong, but man has made counter measures against them. And while some want ghouls and humans to live in peace, humans more often than not live in fear and hatred of ghouls, while most ghouls are enraged at being prosecuted for something they did not ask for. Known ghouls are hunted and prosecuted by the law, forcing them to wear masks when hunting, and either live in isolation or risk their lives by pretending to be human.

    They are not all that different from the prey they hunt. Ghouls have friends and families, and can either see their prey as sport, or feel genuine regret. It's not unusual for ghoul families to be torn apart, children left without parents, or parents watching their children killed before their time.

    But this counts for both sides. Human and ghouls are as monstrous as each other, and neither side is right or wrong.

    There is also such a thing has half-ghouls. Stronger than pure blooded ghouls, they can be conceived naturally under rare circumstances, or artificially made.

    Why I think it would make a good MUSH.

    The society is easily enough to role play in, with interesting themes. If you have seen Tokyo Ghoul, you'll know what I mean easily. The game wouldn't be 100% in the Tokyo Ghoul universe, but more based on the concept, in another place and/or another time. Perhaps where ghouls and humans have come to live in peace, in a fragile, flimsy balance. Ghouls and humans alike would be under the watchful eye of each other, and ghouls caught hunting would be swiftly and strictly prosecuted.

    Of course, that doesn't mean rebelling isn't an option. Some ghoul/human factions may still hunt. NB, only npcs can be hunted, not pcs. Fights between pcs may occur but only under their consent. The meat that would be consumed by ghouls under the Human/Ghoul pact would be donated by willing donors or by other means.

    There can also be head organisations and ruling families, or packs of ghouls under an alliance.

    Races would include:


    Simple enough really.

    I won't get into more of it for now, it's just an idea really that I'm wondering if anyone else likes. Perhaps if it's popular we can do something with it. As I said before you don't have to have seen the back it or play it, it would just be a regular MUSH inspired by Tokyo Ghoul. If anyone has questions feel free to ask. ^^

  • So, are you looking for feedback on if it's a good idea? Or volunteers for help?

    I'm curious what sort of stats/sheet system you'd intend on using.

  • The Ghul is the predecessor to the vampire if you're interested in some history. A type of jinn/genie that needed to eat on human flesh. The genie by tradition was just another free willed spirit pretty much like a human. I may have to watch this anime now. I toyed with a setting based on more traditional genies ( but it just felt like a new skin to WoD despite older concepts and I threw it aside. I'd be interested in seeing what comes out of this Tokyo Ghoul inspired mush! Best of luck.

  • I'm in. I would play this. A new take, setting, and genre. This hobby needs fresh blood in terms of settings

  • My one piece of advice is, be willing to DO THINGS yourself. Assembling a staff team is difficult, especially for a non-genre original themed thing. AT least, that's been my experience.

  • Season 1 is absofuckinglutely excellent.

    Season 2.. jumped the shark.

    At least if you've read the manga. If you've only seen the anime though? Eh iz ok.

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