Upcoming Changes

  • Good morning, guys and dolls,

    Our fair @Glitch will be stepping away from the forum in the near'ish future. I'll be switching the forum hosting over to a different... server? I don't know the tech side, just that it'll be somewhere paid instead of taking up space on his machine. :)

    Inasmuch as there's anything in the way of modding here (which is to say, very little if I can help it), @Sunny is going to help me out. The switchover has no official date, but I'll let everyone know as I figure out the doing of it.

    You may leave your questions below and if I know how to answer them, I will. Other than some potential downtime (?) if the move requires it, I don't see much changing, because it's working as intended so far.


  • @EmmahSue

    If we're going to pay for a site, do y'all need some coin to make it happen? Khaijit can assist.

  • @Ganymede I also would like to assist in the costs of running this place.

  • I understand that @EmmahSue makes bank on writing those short summaries of movies that you see. For porn.

    But then I understand she has to drink herself stupid for having to spend one ounce of creative talent on this, so it's a wash.

    I'll put a dollar in the hat, sure.

  • Tutorialist

    @Thenomain said in Upcoming Changes:

    I understand that @EmmahSue makes bank on writing those short summaries of movies that you see. For porn.

    If you could send me an application for that, that'd be great...

  • I can help support as well.

  • As I am a grown-up with a grown-up job, hosting shouldn't be a problem. I appreciate the offers, and if something goes sideways, I'll speak up. ☺️ Forum won't be lost for lack of monies, no worries.

    As for my side job associated with the porn industry, you'd be surprised and disheartened at how mind numbingly soul destroying it is to have no choice of which clips you watch/reskin. It's good cash on the side, but.


  • Could you both please move Muxify to the new location as well. It is such a beautiful tool that I believe every Mu* coder should use, and I rely pretty heavily on it as well.


  • I'll be helping with the move, so I'll try to make it as smooth as possible, including setup and whatnot on the new server. I don't expect too much downtime from it outside of the usual transfer of data and domain name transfer process.

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