Blue Fire Hold Burning Bright @ PernWorld Mush!

  • Brilliant torches light the crushed shell roads leading into the hold proper, offering illumination for the guests and vendors soon to arrive. Activity thrummed throughout the grounds as workers busy themselves with final preparations. Stunning lanterns in a variety of blue shades, mingled with silver and gold are being hung around the now completed Harper's stage. Crafters set up their booths, stocking them with only their finest creations to be ready for the guests soon to come. It would have been just another beautiful tropical night around Blue Fire Hold, but this one was destined to be a Gather to remember. One marked with a golden glowing beacon among the stars overhead. Some whisper that it's a good sign for a prosperous Gather while other are filled with dread for Half Moon Bay Weyr.

    OOC: Blue Fire Hold will be hosting a Gather on their grounds, open to everyone! Just a little meet and greet for folks to get together and have a good time. Interested in being a musician or having a vendor booth? Drop Alexryin a line! All are welcome. :D Use this opportunity to dust off your characters or develop a new one. The Gather will be on Wednesday, May 31st @ 4pm PST/7pm EST at Blue Fire Hold. Golden Celimoth will also be rising, entering Half Moon Bay Weyr into OOC Search on June 3rd! We have lots planned and look forward to meeting as many interested parties as possible. If interested, type search me with a possible candidate any time on or after June 3rd. Stand Only Candidates are always welcome! It’s an excellent way to test out that character concept you’ve been meaning to and get to know people in the process. Check us out at: Port: 2211 and For more information see also +area hmw and +hmwhelp in game so feel free to drop in (+go hmw) anytime! Hope to see you there!

    We also have a number of IC vacancies in a whole variety of positions - and we're looking for people who are not just able, but also WILLING (and reasonably active), to fill those roles. The roles in question?

    • Headwoman (and/or assistants)
    • Wingleader (for both Archipelago and Seamount; preferably HMW riders, but we'll consider transfers as well!)
    • Wingseconds (for the aforementioned wings, with the aforementioned notes)
    • Crafters (because making things is awesome!)
    • Residents (because they're the backbone of this operation)
    • And pretty much anything else you can think of, honestly!

    Interested? Just drop an @mail to the admins at Half Moon Bay Weyr (hmw .who/admins) and we'll get you situated!

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