Carnivale's Playlist

  • It is hard to recall so many over a 20+ year timespan, but here goes:
    Arlyss Dane @ Chivalry
    Lauren Rembrandt (Healer) @ Crypt
    Kassandra (Werewolf) @ Crypt
    Diana (aka Diz - Darkling Empyrean Soldier) @ Aether
    Tahira (Varati) @ Aether
    Aidan Kilara (Security Tech) @ CrystalMUSH
    ShadowQueen (Wizard) @ Columbus Twilight
    Topas (Shifter Wiz) @ Forgotten Shadows
    Ellia Martell (Princess of Dorne) @ Game of Bones
    Bryliesa Frey @ Steel & Stone
    Morla (2nd one) @ Game of Kings
    Puria (the Original) @ Firan
    Kassia (the Original) @ Firan
    Norah Fabre (Sin-Eater) @ TR
    Winter Dunlin (Hedge Witch turned Mage) @ TR
    Xanadu (Vampire Wiz) @ TR
    Kassidy (Doctor) @ Serenity
    Caelantra @ Incarnations (cir. 1992-1993)
    Veralisse/Nokomis @ Redemption
    Morla (the 2nd one) @ Game of Kings
    Galienesse/Ravenna/Kylan @ Realms Adventurous

    There have been numerous other games over the years as well as other characters played on the ones listed above, but my memory fails me on their names.

    • Updated to reflect more characters I have forgotten.

  • @Carnivale Hah, seems we have at least convergence in three games I played on, and I think I remember attending Bryliesa's wedding on my char Lyanna (one of the few Freys) on Steel and Stone back then. I also played on Game of Kings, but I'm not sure our paths crossed there. I was Deidra there, one of the Blue Guards. As for Game of Bones, I joined that place probably after you left.

  • Wooo someone else who played Aether! I really enjoyed that game.

  • Another former Aetherite here, woo.

  • Former Aetherite (played Orman Kai and Rani Rajan) and CryptMUX player (played Ortrud, Old Meg and the fae, Decay)

  • I was primarily Sharpclaw, who ended up being the first graisha accepted into Delphi.

    Now, I can't say how thematic that ended up being or not based on the whole setting, but from the way it was communicated to me early on OOCly it was one of those "This is highly unlikely to succeed so don't get your hopes up" kinds of things.

    Whatever the case, it made for a lot of good RP I was able to be a part of while it lasted.

  • Crypt and Aether are two of the games I played of which I have the fondest memories.

  • I think Aether was the first real non-superhero style game I ended up on, and I still miss it from time to time.

  • Pitcrew


    I was Corak and Locke (Werewolf, not kid; who also might have been your IC brother if I remember the name right) on Crypt, Astynax on one version of Chivalry, and Elrick/Solian/Evan/et al on Crystal.

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