Play with me in Arx :)

  • Hello! I'm rather new to this community and looking for people to play in my House/Fealty. My character Merida Grimhall is looking for more friends, Grimhalls, and someone special. Some real rough and tumble, salt-life people of the sea. The Grimhalls aren't the nicest people, we're slavers, pirates, warriors and staunch traditionalists who resist change. You want to take our slaves away? No!
    Merida is a bit of a violent, dark lass (she's got her sweet side, if you give her the time of day) who admires strength in others. Fuck the pleasantries, and she doesn't want to need to cut you open to see the salt running through your veins. Actually she might. She likes doing that sort of thing. But in the great political world of Arvum, the Thrax and the Grimhalls are the ones people love to hate, or hate to love. But we're fiercely loyal, and when we say we'd kill for you, at least when it comes to Merida, we don't say it like it's a particularly hard thing to do.

    So if you want to play a sailor, a hardened warrior, a slaver, a fierce sea captain or anything super fun like that, we'd love to have you and welcome you. We have a lot of rum! And Merida will have a loving brawl with you to welcome you in. And don't be afraid to be dark.

    Here is Merida's character page if anyone is interested. As well as the Grimhall and Thrax pages.

    You can send me a message on here as well if there are any questions.

  • I support this message.

  • Thanks :)

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