Seeking Thrall: Fear and Loathing Mux

  • Pitcrew

    Are you:


    Las Vegas' Finest... wants YOU.

    This is my first post here, and I play a Prince of Las Vegas on Fear and Loathing Mux's Vampire Sphere.

    Politics are hot. Action is hot. Tensions are high and rising. And as the power vacuum fills, so does the threat levels to those filling it! This is why, I want YOU.

    "You want me?" you ask, "But for what?"

    I'll tell you for what. I'm looking for a thrall. Not necessarily to play the dominated 24/7, I want you to also have a rich life outside of roleplay with my character for your own. But with the possibility of oncoming civil war within the vampire sphere, a Prince has to have someone on hand they know they can trust will protect them with their own life if it comes to it. And there's only one way to guarantee that in the world of the unliving: the Vinculum.

    My playtimes are upward of 12 hours a day some days, and I can easily meet with your scheduling even at odd hours. I know that for many it's not enjoyable to play a role that is, out of the gate, set to be subservient to another character in such a deep and abiding way, and that is why I won't monopolize all of your playtimes. I am very specifically looking for a thrall to play bodyguard from time to time. How much of the time is up to you. If you want to RP even when you're not on guard duty, that's good too. The name of the game with a multiplayer game is inclusion after all.

    What I am looking for from you:
    Play daily even if not for extremely long bursts.
    Male character. Vampire. Long haired (it's what the character would look for)
    Prefered clan would be Gangrel, but any but Nosferatu could work nicely.
    Undying devotion to that blood bond.

    What I am offering you, in turn:
    Power, as the Prince's pet.

    Message me if interested.

  • *waves pompoms!

  • Creator

    Dang I want this! But I play daeva lady types. Darn. Soo close though I am totally coming to stalk F&L.

  • Pitcrew

    @Songtress So do I! That's why I'm looking for a male gangrel <3 That said, you should 100% come by and join the sphere that goes bump in the night. ;)

  • Hey 'Daeva' lady type. I'm the other twin Prince. (Yes, we broke the mold). If you're serious about stalking FandL, come on over and send me a 'hey'. I'm in a contest to beat my sister and get a thrall before she does.

    Help me win!!

  • Creator

    I did, I made Euphemia. CGng her now.

  • Pitcrew

    @Songtress That's awesome! I look forward to RPing with you in the future. :D

  • Creator

    Yeah getting out and roleplaying with her is so much fun