Fear and Loathing (Official Thread)

  • Fear and Loathing is a Las Vegas-based nWoD game using 1e theme and GMC rules (and costs).

    We approach the Storyteller and MU* system a bit differently than most games. Staff here do not exclusively run metaplot: we are a player-centric game. Staff are purely OOC in function: they approve characters, handle XP spends, set notes, handle +jobs, approve theme and story ideas (see below), and otherwise keep the game running. For this reason, staff are not restricted in what Spheres or IC positions they can play in, but they cannot approve their own characters or handle their own +jobs.

    Being player-centric means we encourage players to be storytellers and make plots using our setting and theme. We also encourage them to build on these, and help them grow. To facilitate this, we have eased a number of the restrictions commonly seen on other games regarding PRPs (player run plots), and have added incentives to encourage inclusion and co-operation. While we do look over and approve PRPs before they go live, it's only to make sure nothing gets out of hand or too crazy. We want to find reasons to say "Yes!" rather than "No!"

    We also allow for several different types of characters that other games do not, as well as transfers.

    At this time we accept Vampire: the Requiem, Changeling: the Lost, Changing Breeds, Immortal, and many Mortal+ templates. 8000

    5.17.17 - We are especially looking for, and offering incentives for more Changelings!

    This is the official F&L thread, posted and maintained by headstaff.

  • A few posts from the other thread that are still relevant:

    @Brunocerous said in Fear and Loathing:

    Just wanted to give a shout out to Fear and Loathing. I've been playing there for about two months and am having a blast.

    The vampire sphere is, in particular, very fun and active with a great player base and terrific staff support. There is an ongoing PrP that is pulling people in across spheres and has already generated over 50 ST'd scenes, with numerous other related social scenes.

    Politics is also heating up, with lots of power up for grabs for those Kindred who can managed to wield and hold it.

    If you are interested and looking for a specific way in, I am particularly interested in recruiting for the Invictus. We could use more members in the Covenant to help us seize control of the Vegas Strip. Even more specifically, both I and another Invictus player are interested in siring progeny, so if you are interested in an IC becoming and would like to play Gangrel or Mekhet, let us know. We'd be happy to help you out with that!

    Any questions? Come on in and check out the activity. And feel free to shoot me a page while you are there. I play as Tucker.

    @Ataru said in Fear and Loathing:

    Would like to echo @Brunocerous statement. I've posted before supporting Fear & Loathing, and think it has a lot of potential. Politics in the vampire sphere is definitely starting to heat up and there are some great PrPs going on. There is a lot of productive cross-sphere RP as well. As the Praxis is just ICly reforming, now is a good time to get involved.

    As part of that, I am looking for someone to play my own vampire character's childe. Caius is rather old-worldy and does have a bit of a hard time fitting into the modern Las Vegas nights. When his childe was Embraced is up for discussion ... either back in his old days, in the 1920s when he was active in San Francisco (He was on Cofab and is a transfer) or even something recent to his reawakening in Las Vegas. His bloodline can be problematic for some people, so its entirely optional as to whether the person activates it.

    My other character, Book, also has extensive family in Las Vegas (his descendants). The Book family can comprise of any sphere and some are active members of the police force and city government. If you're interested in that as a different route, happy to explore that too.

    Anywho, just a couple of RP hooks if one is looking for a good way into the RP at Fear & Loathing. After Reach and Cofab, I left MU*ing for awhile and am glad I tapped into this place upon returning. It is a good group of RPers and the Staff are attentive (full disclosure, I came in a month ago as Encore to help out with +jobs and such). Join us! :)

    Links to my character pages in case anyone is interesting in playing something connected:



  • Another relevant post:

    @Blood_Magic said in Fear and Loathing:

    Hey! I'm new to MU*'s in general. I come from a DIKU codebase background, and have spent about a month, maybe a month and a half at Fear and Loathing, and I absolutely love it. The stories are great, the players are great, and the staff is great! I just created a musoapbox account just so I could respond to a couple things.


    I'd like to re-echo the sentiments above. We want more players to fill out the vampire sphere! Things are hoppin' and all kinds of plots, intrigue, sabotage and even murder is happening. Deals are being made and blood is being spilled. Get in while the gettin's good! Here's some really, really niche roles that are being sought, and below them, some clans/covenants that need some love.

    • An Axe-Sworn member of the Ordo Dracul, of the Moroi bloodline

    • An Order of Sir Martin Knight, sworn to the Invictus, that acts as Cerberus (guardian) of the Necropolis

    • A Mortifier of The Flesh, of the Lancea Sanctum, that is dedicated as a confessor

    • A wandering pilgrim Acolyte of the Circle of the Crone, of the Empusae bloodline, with the Kindred Medium merit

    • A Ventrue of the Gorgon bloodline, member of the Circle of the Crone, that acts as Minotaur and oversees the trials of the Labyrinth

    • A Carnon bloodline biker that rides with the Brides of Dracula and practices Kindred Vodoun

    • A Bron Saint and Crusader of the Lancea Sanctum, that suffers from the Malkavia virus

    • A Hollow Mekhet of the Khaibit bloodline, student of the Ars Speculorum discipline, and member of the Ordo Dracul as lightsworn

    • An anarcho-capitalist Adrestoi Ventrue of the Carthian Movement

    I'd plug my own characters, but hey, there's only so much badass that this thread can contain, yo. These roles above? SUPER NICHE. So if you could pull it off, and enjoy playing something above, do it! If not, there's still some ares that could use more players, just to give every area equal attention:

    • Members of any Mesoamerican or Southwestern bloodline such as Malintzin, Nahualli, Calacas, or Dead Wolf

    • Mekhet

    • Gangrel

    • Nosferatu

    • Ventrue

    • Brides of Dracula

    • Carthians

    • Lancea Sanctum

    • Invictus

    This isn't your grandma's masquerade (Idk, maybe it is? Maybe your grandma is super cool. I hope so, invite her!) Either way, come play with us!

    There's also plenty of things happening with CtL sphere. Those poor little PTSD victims need some soldiers in their ranks or leaders in the streets. I'm not going to go through all the details of those guys too. Man, would that be a long ramble? It's long enough already!

    Just come on over. Sink your teeth into some meaty plots. Get hooked.
    As a bonus, me or my wife or some of our friendly co-players will even trick out your wiki. Just ask!

  • Creator

    I guess I will come and take a look at the avarice sphere. So why isn't this a pure vampire game? So much support for it seems

  • @Songtress We like multi-sphere games. <3

  • Admin

    @Paris Then where's my Geist?!

  • Now I miss Court Wicke. :(

  • @Arkandel Geist doesn't like multi-sphere games! :<

    Edit 7.15.17: We are finally working on adding Geist to the game!

  • Why not? My Sin-Eater liked everyone. Except those soul enslaving Vampires. They had to go. Now.

  • @Misadventure <333

    More seriously, the long answer is that Stardust and I both loved playing Geist, but found that their power levels escalate swiftly enough in comparison to other spheres that it eventually makes game-wide plots difficult to balance: when one mid-level PC can just literally drop a building on any antagonist or facility (or PC), most other spheres' participation become redundant.

    Or, you end up having to stat NPC villains so high that other spheres can't really touch them.

    After seeing how disruptive that became on several games (our founding staff have all staffed on nWoD games before), we decided, at least for now, to hold off on including them. The other option would have been to exclude them from many multisphere plots, and we didn't really think that was fair to Geist players.

    It sucks, because they're really cool and have a lot of good storytelling and plot stuff to mine.

    Same reason we also don't have Mage, though.

    There's also the issue of a new game offering so many splats that it splits the playerbase too much. Right now we're at about, uhhh, 82 currently-approved characters, and already are dividing them between Vamp, Changeling, Ferals, immortals, and mortal/+ (and very slowly Promethean). Vampire right now is disproportionately strong and active, so adding new major splats when we're focusing on getting 'Ling and Feral (especially) the activity and attention they deserve would just be counterproductive.

    I want F&L to be a game that offers everything to everyone, but I don't think that's responsible to try when our game is just a few months old. I think that the trend of single-sphere games lately is an acknowledgement of how too much variety can stifle roleplay.

    So at present we're just offering the spheres that are mostly in balance with each other, in terms of power.

  • No longer associated with this game.

  • @Pondscum said in Fear and Loathing (Official Thread):

    No longer associated with this game.


  • Yeah, I was curious what that was about to, but wasn't about to glorify it by asking. Seemed pretty passive-aggressive.

  • As you can see, we have awesome reverse psychology PR agents. We're /that/ deep into WoD. Come join us, we're trying to round out Changing Breeds and Changelings, because man, did Vampire fill up fast. Thanks you guys.

  • Banned

    Just wanted to show some love to the game. As someone that had a rough first encounter, (app was never noticed until almost two weeks later on first try), the second go around has been great. I don't see a lot of the same usual tropes of the WoD community here at this game as I have at other WoD MU*s, so far everyone has been awesome and respectful, and aye we need more Changing Breeds. Shameless selfplug - http://fandlmux.com/Aaliyah

  • Pitcrew

    @Pondscum I'll bite. Tell us your tale of woe.

  • Much as Derp asked to move drama into the Hog Pit and out of a recruitment thread, I'll ask the same. :)

  • We're still looking for a Lord Sage, a Satrapy of Pearls fencer, and various other concepts listed at the top of the thread! <3

    Many court positions are also open. We've got two long-term changeling plots starting up, as well as several global metaplots and smaller-scale encounters.

  • Not going to derail the ad thread. I posted to it because I was still getting people asking me about it from my original ad posting for it. http://musoapbox.net/topic/1422/fear-and-loathing?page=1

  • WTF is a Satrapy of Pearls.

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