Chime's playlist

  • Not sure I'm important enough to warrant one of these, or that anyone who wants to contact me can't already find me. But, here we go. For posterity. Or posteriority, or something.

    Staffish bits:

    • Chime@HauntedMemories (Mage admin, some code)
    • Coventry@TheReach (retired code TL from long ago; hosting, etc)
    • Coventry@Tortuga
    • Worcestor@DarkSpires (code consulting, briefly; hosting)
    • Lovelace@TGG (code consulting, briefly; hosting)
    • Chime@Blood&Citrus (code consulting, briefly; hosting)
    • Morgana@Wildcard (co-head)
    • various other chime bits in various places, superbriefly

    Player bits:

    • Romy/Jocelyn/Tuncay/Qubit/Senta@HauntedMemories
    • Hayley (the one that was never around)/Sandra/Kay@TheReach
    • Sonya@Blood&Citrus
    • Sonya/Anna@Wildcard
    • Lithlirel@RedTide
    • Milena@StPetersburg
    • Cassandra/Jerra/Chime/Nimfinel/Pok@Table (Writh)
    • Sandra@Tortuga
    • Velour@SpaceThing
    • Gisele@SurfaceTension
    • Asphodel@Warren
    • Kelly@FlexibleSurvival
    • Sai (Silent Spider) @ ThatExaltedGameWhateverItWasCalled
    • Dorotea (dot) @ That7thSeaGameWhateverItWasCalled
    • Petal@LunarEclipse

  • Tutorialist

    @Chime's are always important to me. <3

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