Looking For Help With An OC Superhero / Scion Like Game

  • So I wanted my next project to be something Savage Worlds related and be something in the superhero sphere. I didn't want to just do an OC capes and cowl type game though. I'm thinking what I'd like to do is something Scion-like. Maybe not just a Scion port but something similar. The Titans have returned and the gods are activating the divine sparks of those humans in their lineage. Or something.

    Right now I'm kind of just working on code but I'm at a part where I need to know HOW powers work so I know how to code them. I could just go exactly how it works in the Super Powers Companion or it could be some sort of a tiered package system like Scion that we create. I'm not exactly sure where I'd like to go with it so I thought I'd post here for ideas and for people who might be interested in signing up to help out.

    What I could use are people interested in helping with theme, people interested in helping build, and people who would like to stay on to help run plots and what not. People familiar with Savage Worlds would also be great but I'm also planning on having a "tutorial" room.

    So feel free to post thoughts and ideas here and PM me if you'd like to take on a more active role in the game as it develops. Thanks!

  • Pitcrew

    I'm not familiar with the Savage Worlds system and can't code. But Superhero world-building and Classical Mythology? Those I have a solid grip on. Hit me up if you'd like some help in the lore/esoterica departments.

  • Creator

    I very much enjoy Scion, and I do like superheroes. I don't know what all I could contribute, and I'm not sure if I'd be full time necessarily, but I don't mind kicking some stuff around.

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