FCBD: Secret Empire

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    To paraphrase Dorothy Parker:

    This is not a comic book to be tossed aside lightly. It should be thrown, with great force.

  • Well. Is there nudity? What is it? Who's it by? What's it about? What's so bad about it?

    In order of importance.

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    I was going to grab it but the copies of it were gone from the store before I could get there. Given that is was a Marvel that seemed to be building to a major event I assumed it would be crap but now I am really curious.

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    @Tinuviel said in FCBD: Secret Empire:

    Well. Is there nudity? What is it? Who's it by? What's it about? What's so bad about it?

    In order of importance.

    No. Marvel Special Event. Spencer. Captain America has always secretly been HYDRA and is now the leader. Self-explanatory.

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    @ThatGuyThere No, it's still crap. But it's crap that panders to the very loud segment of comics fans complaining about 'diversity' and whose tastes have become more jaded and voyeuristic over the past several decades. It's a schlock-shock event storyline like all Marvel's (and 99% of DC's) have been for years now. Sound and fury signifying nothing because the status quo will be restored soon enough. And then the sales start dropping and the edge gets pushed further out to appease the diminishing reading base and make up for the sales lost from the majority of long-time fans (like me) who have stopped buying because we've gotten tired of the heroes fighting each other for the 3,572nd time in the history of the Marvel Universe, or being written as arrogant a-holes that think they know better than everyone else and everything would just work out fine if everyone acknowledged their superiority and followed along with their proposals, which is why they have to enact things in secret for the betterment of everyone.

    In the mean time, I just dropped a few hundred dollars the past couple weeks getting into DC's Rebrith storylines and titles, because they actually have good writing that's letting the heroes be iconic heroes again, rather than the mess New 52 ended up as and Marvel currently is. DC's getting back to character fundamentals, realizing that it doesn't have to be 100% character deconstruction; every title, every month.

  • By the time I got to the comic book store yesterday, most of the free comics were either gone or down to less than a handful except for the Marvel Secret War comics. Two whole stacks of that comic, untouched despite being free.


  • Pitcrew

    there were still a ton of options left at the store i went to and I did not get there until 4 pm, pretty much all the DC and Marvel free things we gone but still a lot to choose from.
    I was very happy with the free ones I grabbed but the best part of the buy one get one on back issues. My favorite that i ended up grabbing was the 1983 Uncanny X-men annual which was the one with the Impossible Man's scavenger hunt story. Any time Impy is involved things will be stupid fun and it was.

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    No matter how this is settled it's hard to imagine Steven Rogers will be Captain America after the conclusion... which annoys me.

    Look, I get it. Some people want to write (and let's be fair, read about) new characters; that's great. Write some new characters! If they are good their titles will get picked up - awesome!

    But dammit, I won't read a non-Bruce Wayne Batman title. I want Spider-Man to be Peter Parker even if there's a second Spider-Man (and Mike Morales is an awesome comic book on its own right, btw). I want Iron-Man to be Tony Stark. That's what I'll buy.

    If you stick anyone else in the Iron Man suit I won't buy a title called "Iron Man". Simple as that.

  • Pitcrew

    The larger problem seems to be that Marvel came up with this story, and numerous readers went "Um. Ok, so he's mind-controlled?"

    And the Marvel writers went "Nope, Captain America was a Hydra mole all along."

    And numerous readers went "Guys, I'm not sure about this."

    And Marvel went "No, no, it's great, shut up."

    And then various comic shops (including the largest and oldest one in my home city), not institutions known for being too terribly woke, spoke up, and started saying "We aren't really thrilled about advertising for this event, guys. Nobody likes it. We don't like it."

    And the response seems to have been "Well you're idiots shut up and enjoy Nazi Captain America."

    I guess the way I usually refer to it is "X-Pac Heat." It's the kind of draw where it's largely hate and not any actual interest that's keeping people paying attention. Or, short version, Marvel invested a lot of energy and money into a terrible idea and then decided to press on despite the misgivings of their product consumers. Will the ending to the event bear them out? Possibly.

    But this may be one of those times where it might've been a good idea to leak the ending before people started turning away.

  • Pitcrew

    I pretty much agree with @Arkandel's take on this.
    I love me some Dick Grayson I have all 153 issues of his first Nightwing solo comic, he is quite likely my favorite character in comics, but guess what put him in the Bat-suit I stop buying, because he is not Batman, and forcing him into that role when every reader knows in a year or two Bruce will be back does a disservice both to the Batman title and to the Dick Grayson character.
    I has no issues with buying new comics with new characters, but when I pick up Wonder Woman comic I want it to be about Wonder Woman, ditto for any other character.
    DC for the most part gets this, Marvel trying to cram new characters with old names at me. Riri Williams is a fine character, hell I like her better than Tony Stark who I have never been a huge fan of. If they put out an Iron Heart title staring her I would likely buy it, at least a couple issues to give it a try. Hell I bought War Machine with Rhodes in the armor more frequently than Ironman when both were being published, but I will not buy a series titled Iron Man staring Riri.
    New characters and diversity are both great things but let them build their own identities forcing them into the roles of the established characters often while removing said established characters mostly seems to aggravate the audience.

  • Pitcrew

    I am buying Infamous Iron Man because it's a Doom comic, and because I suspect Doom has some end goal in mind as to why he's doing this, which may well be to lure Ultimate Reed Richards ("The Maker") out into the light and stomp him like the roach he is.

  • Pitcrew

    Also because his current suit may be the best updating of the Doom armor since Doom 2099's silver and black.

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