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  • Pitcrew

    So earlier this year some people were talking about setting up a Docker image that could run TinyMux as sort of a way to quick-start a game. I've been doing a bit of work with it and have created a base image for TinyMux2.10. The only thing I'm having trouble with, as far as creating the image goes, is compiling it with the SSL flag, but beyond that I can compile with any options people would want. Considering that even if I were to get the SSL option working there would still be setup headaches on the part of the user with getting and installing certificates I'm not really going to worry about SSL as it seems a little beyond the goal of the project.

    What I would like to ask now is what options would people like turned on? What softcode packages do people thing should be installed (I'm assuming Myrddin's Bulletin Board System and Anomaly Jobs, but what else)?

    What kinds of behaviors do people want the system to have? At present the way I'm designing it is that there will be a folder called /mux2.10/game_1 that is shared with the host system. When you bring up the Docker container it runs a script to see if /mux2.10/game_1/data exists and if it doesn't it copies the contents of /mux2.10/game to /mux2.10/game_1 (I need to do it this way because the contents of the host machine take priority when the machine comes up and if Docker has to create the shared directory it will then be empty). After that quick check the script then launches the game. When the game is shutdown the container closes.

    That's just the behavior that I think is a good idea, however. Since I'm really working on this to try and streamline things for other people what I think is a good idea may not be. Do other people have better ideas for behaviors for the system? What are people looking for?

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  • @The-Sands Unrealistic and probably off topic. When I think Mux, I think the great Battletech games of the 90s. Lots of detail in combat, complex huds, the sort of thing I want in a strategy game. Which makes me curious what sort of game system would come with a quick install on tinymux.

    Would be nice if that softcode was available for use somewhere, yet unrealistic I imagine.

  • @Lotherio
    Battletech MUX is a hardcode fork. You can get it from

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