Where to play?

  • Long-time RPer, first time caller... wanted to say that I love the show.

    I'm looking for a game. Now, before you all chime in, wait for it... there's stipulations.

    1. I don't know nWoD at all, but can learn. Slowly. I haven't played WoD for over a decade.
    2. I play during US daytimes, so while I can RP slowly, I cannot play at night/weekend timeslots, so I need a game that has activity during the days.
    3. Genres I would like*: Adult level fantasy (original or not), modern horror, sci-fi (non-Transformers, non-Star Wars).
    4. I would love to have at least a contact to RP with, chat with, hang out with. Even better is a tie-in for characters/groups.

    and GO!

    • Afterthought: Genres I do not have interest in: Lords and Ladies games, My Little Pony, Tranformers, or anything based on a "kid's show".

  • @Rook

    I play US daytimes. Try BSG: Unification. Battlestar Galactica is a sci-fi war scenario. Players there are good, the code is great, and CGen is so quick and easy you can do it through the web.

  • You could check out NOLA! We're Chronicles of Darkness, but fairly small so far and helpful for learning. I know there are some other people who have been wanting to play during the day, too. I don't play anywhere else right now, really, so I can't be more helpful than that, sorry!

  • You could check out Fear & Loathing too. It's an nWoD GMC game, with some hacks between 1e/2e. It's growing at a steady rate and they have an incredibly active vampire sphere with lots of politics, scheming and a huge sphere-wide plot that's drawing most characters in.

    There are a number of players that are European and GMT+ hours, along with quite a few that play EST daytime hours.

    Spheres are Changeling, Changing Breed, Vampire, Immortal, Mortal/+


  • Agree on Fear & Loathing ... also just discovered Fate's Harvest ... Changeling oriented game. Good setup. Definitely encourage.

    fatesharvest.com 6464

  • Pitcrew

    @Ganymede - As she said, it's a good, solid place. Small playerbase, but even if you don't want to make a char, there's also pre-made 'roster' characters you can claim to play.

    mush.aresmush.com port 7206

  • Checking it out

  • @Rook

    I play there as Erin. The ARES system allows you to register a handle for all your alts, and mine is, naturally, @Ganymede. So, I'm pretty easy to find.

  • I saw you log out yesterday. :)

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