Miami By Night - CWoD Sabbat MUX

  • Pitcrew

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    Miami. Glittering, bright. Sticky, wet and hot.

    Mountains of cocaine.

    Midnight Santeria rites, held at the crossroads.

    Drag queens who'll put out your eye with a spike heel.

    Cops so crooked you have to bend over to spit in their eye.

    And if you can survive all that, there's the Sabbat.

    By Right Of Blood is rolling through 2015 with new storytellers and plans for the year! We're a Vampire: the Masquerade MUX featuring the Sabbat, set in modern-day Miami, Florida. If you're new to Vampire or the Sabbat today's a perfect day to get acquainted.

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    This is a pure Sabbat MUX looking to explore both the subtleties of living your un-life within an ecclesiarchy that expects, nay demands you to throw out your humanity like a used condom, where the hypocrite may be your only hope in the face of the true believer.

    The year is 2015, and the Sabbat has suffered tribulation in the wake of the False Gehenna, as a emboldened Camarilla lashed out to give it a black eye, and its own internal politics nearly tore the sect apart from within.

    Temoch the Jackal has emerged from obscurity to claim the Regent's seat, and his ecclesiastical reforms are shaking the Sabbat to its foundations. The Harbingers of Skulls have emerged into the light, taking childer at an astonishing rate as they step up their war against the disgusting Giovanni.

    Sascha Vykos is dead. Whether the Inquisition's accusations of diabolism were truth or politics, the legendary Ronin Priscus is just another gravestone in Francisco Domingo de Polonia's garden. With its death, the Tzimisce are forced to confront five centuries of history, and the notion that perhaps they entrusted too much of their clan's dark hopes to the creature now ironically called Caine's Angel.

    The game allows the standard array of Lasombra, Tzimisce, and the Antitribu, plus Serpents of the Light, Salubri Antitribu, Harbingers of Skulls (!)... everything Sabbat except for Kiasyd, Blood Brothers, and Telyavs is okay, pretty much.

    For those looking for that sweet, sweet Sabbat candy, Serpents of the Light are Thaumaturgy and Necromancy-OK. Koldunic sorcerers will be coming down the pipe before too long.

    The game is also Mortal-OK, though as a personal aside, I always wonder about the masochistic streak of anyone who'd play a human on a Sabbat game....

  • I logged on to check this place out. CGen is easy to get through. Playerbase seems a little low on active players doing shit.

    The wiki is really clunky, though, and could use some work.

  • Pitcrew

    That's true. Player retention is something the game has had a hard time with, I won't lie. Do you have an alternative to Wikia?

  • Anything? MediaWiki seems to be the popular choice. Wikia is terrible.

  • I've used Wikidot extensively, but MediaWiki also seems fine. The differences seem to fall to user-preference and familiarity.

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