Aberrant Based Super Hero MU*?

  • does anyone know of a good Aberrant based game? I saw Lithium was considering making one?

  • Pitcrew

    'Capes and Stars' (or 'Stars and Capes'; I don't think they've ever figured out the name) uses the Aberrant game system, but a setting loosely based of the 'Wearing the Cape' e-book series. It's much more focused on the idea of superheroes becoming media sensations & icons than heroic ideals or organizational power plays.

  • All of my games have been shelved. Mainly, I can code them, but I can't run them by myself. When I've tried to get support, I didn't get anything remotely enough to have a functional game.

    So anything I do at this point would only have stuff to do late nights EST which is not conducive for a living/breathing game.

    I have checked out Capes and Stars or whatever it is, nice people, small game, wish them luck. Wish I could have gotten into a character there.

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