ISO - Playtesters for V20 System

  • For a few years now I've been working on a V20 system potentially for use in a game set in Miami or in recreating the first game I ever played on (Twist of Fate). In reality it's likely neither will actually happen but I enjoy coding and wanted to work on the system anyway. Recently I think I got to a point where character generation is finished. I coded this up entirely on my own, however, and have not had it tested by someone who is not me. To that end I was wondering if anyone was interested in running through the character generation and giving me their thoughts and opinions? I've also don an XP system that I'd love to see tested.

    Right now it's just Vampire and Mortal and I really did not have any intentions of adding anything beyond, maybe, Werewolf/Changing Breeds.

    If interested feel free to log on to

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