Best IC Character Deaths

  • Character deaths happen. Let's celebrate them and post them here!

    A couple of days ago I majorly fucked up with a decision I took, and my character got ashed. It was awesome. The ST was awesome, so shout out to Luxor there for his handling of it).

    And here it is.

    ... And suddenly it's just Eden and Demyan left in the room. Which could be problematical. Eden's no fighter; never has been and never will be, and there might now be some regrets that she's never invested in learning the physical side of blood disciplines, but that can come later. If there's a later. Blood splatters her face from where Demyan's fist had crunched Joe's face, and she rises to her feet as all hell is unleashed. "Stop!" she says, her hand uplifted, palm towards him. She attempts to tap into whatever parts of Majesty she might be able to summon in order to inflict her own will upon his, but there's panic in both her face and her voice -- and it shows.

    The power of sovereignty is among the most potent in any Kindred's potential arsenal. But here, it fails. The Russian's conviction, his bloodlust is too strong, and he marches forward, swatting Eden's hand aside and grabbing her by the throat. He lifts her a foot off of the ground, and squeezes tight. It's good she doesn't have to breathe. Demyan's nostrils flare again, a scowl affixed to his features, and he twists, slamming her so hard into the chair where Joe was just seated that it shatters. Then he grabs her ankle and tosses her up, so she slams into the ceiling, and falls back down to the ground with a heavy thud. From there, he picks her up again, putting the Daeva in a headlock that would make most wrestlers nervous.

    She struggles, but her body is broken and she hasn't the first idea how to fight. Demyan, however, is a master. He drops to a knee and twists, hard, breaking her neck and shattering some of her upper spine. This is enough to render the Au Pair torpid, and she goes limp, lost to the black sleep. From there, the immortal pins her down and pummels her in the face with his fists until her skull is mostly splintered bone, then rises to his feet as her remains crumble into dry ash. He spits on the pile, and dusts his knees and shirt off, flicking his hands out a few times to get the blood off. Demyan looks around the room, grimacing. "Mr. Adler... there is saying in Russia. A goose... is not a pig's friend." He announces. There's a pause. "Do not forget that, you filthy, cowardly corpse." He spits again on Eden's ashes, and kicks the pile. With that, he leaves the room and slams the door behind him.

  • Pitcrew

    Many, many moons ago I was playing on Masquerade. I was playing a standard mortal template who was of the seedier nature. One could call him a gang-banger, I suspect. Well, he developed something of a beef with a regular to the local on-grid hangout in the seedier part of the city. This beef gradually grew and grew and grew. Pretty much every single encounter with between my character(Mason, I think his name was) and this other chap, tended toward confrontation.

    So one day Mason has the bright idea to remove this problem from his plate and clear the way for him to move up in the dog eat dog world of criminal politics. He invites this dude out for a little drive into the mountains to just hash things out and generally get away from the city because the city makes you cray-cray, so some time away would be great, right?

    The two characters end up taking their little day-trip up to the foothills and generally talk things over along the way. While they're walking through the wooded foothills, that's when my character starts to sort of drop back and allows his counterpart to lead the way. So he pulls his pistol from his waist(Martin Riggs style, yo). That's when the combat round began. What was my stupidly simple idea of an ambush? Quickly went south.

    Namely because Joe the Other Dude wasn't exactly your standard mortal. He was totally expecting some sort of betrayal (duh, Mason wasn't a criminal mastermind, more muscle than brain). So when Joe the Other Dude notes Mason digging around in the waist of his sagging jeans, Joe the Other Dude moved in a blur, and placed the mouth of his own firearm's barrel against Mason's chest and fired like four or five times. Riddled the dude full of holes. The ambush had been turned around on me and Mason ended up taking a dirt nap at the bottom of a mountain ravine.

    Was I angry? Hell to the no! It was AWESOME! I went into this PK attempt all confident, but down to try to make it fun. Only to have the tables turned and with my character ended up the homicide victim. It was great!

    Years later I still didn't know what was special about Joe the Other Dude, because OOC Masquerade. I knew something was, but not what. So a few years later I actually ran into Joe the Other Dude's player again and he dished to me what was so special about Joe(I think his actual name was...Spike?). Hands down, probably my most memorable and enjoyable character death purely based on the sheer surprise factor of it.

    Edited to fix typos, I'm sure I didn't get half of them. Migraines suck.

  • @Faceless The Devil's in the detail. I ran Revelation on a 400 year old Blood Bather and there was a five hour confession of every sin he'd ever committed. (Which was hilarious.) Naturally, he decided he couldn't let anyone live after all that, and... cue slaughter.

    • PC fell off of a building and crashed through the roof of a limo. Survived. (Fortitude. WoD). Minutes later someone shot down a helicopter with an RPG. Helicopter crashes onto limo onto my char. Character dies.
    • My player and one other make new characters. Other player is a Malkavian Anti Merc with low humanity and tons of weapons. Mine? Brujah Anti. Scene starts with both waking up on a private jet, mid-flight. I describe my character as Hispanic, from Mexico. Other player starts laughing and shows ST his sheet: INTOLERANCE: MEXICANS. Fight starts. Plane crashes.
    • My SO had a Call of Cthulhu PC who sealed a portal to Ithaqua by taking the creepy book used for summoning Ithaqua, ran through the portal, then the portal closed behind her. I play for her character to be a villain in a future game.
    • A Tzmisce went blood form and hid inside of my torpored Malkavian with a gaping chest wound. Someone tried to get the Tzimisce out...with a homemade flamethrower

  • Does this have to be limited to MU*, or is tabletop/LARP okay?

    MUSH Deaths

    • Beast Wars: Transmetals - Predacon mini-dragon (we had Transmythics with mythical beast altmode, shaddup!) named Imp, who was the 'dragon' to the dragon-form Megatron. He attempted to take over the Predacons, but Megatron was smarter and used his own soldiers (really, ones acting like betrayers in order to draw out true betrayers). Imp got dipped in the lava pits for his trouble.
    • Megaman MUSH - Civilian Rainbow Stallion, a music star, had been nearly convinced he was a Maverick due to a Maverick PC who was 'in love' with him. He was dragged along on a mission with other Mavericks, and, when it came down to slaughtering the Civilians... he rebelled and held the line, giving the Hunters time to evac the Civvies. Rainbow died, but all those humans and civilian 'bots lived.

    LARP Deaths

    • Masquerade LARP circa 2004: Played a Gangrel who ended up becoming an infernalist due to plot. He got Obtenebration out of the deal. He ran around attempting to draw in and convert, or kill, all of the 'newbie' Kindred to give the Camarilla a hard time. Eventually, a Red Alastor (played by my best friend) showed up and it was a faceoff eventually between the ancilla Gangrel and the Elder Ventrue. Epic fight, epic interrogation at the end.
    • Requiem LARP circa 2006: Nosferatu Dragon who was essentially Spike as a Nos, versus creepy old man Nos Crone. Nos beatdown ensued in a formal challenge, and he was so terrifying that a number of characters conspired to kill him. He had a new axe built... and it was sabotaged by the forger. He had his connection to a ley line, which granted him extra blood expenditure, severed during the fight by one who he thought was an ally. He got beheaded by the broken axe head of his own sabotaged axe.
    • Requiem LARP circa 2007: Played a Ventrue Invictus who was... rather insane. He started out as a Morality 3 human. He was paranoid and the Elysium was built with a number of escape routes like a wall-elevator and shit like Batman. His knight (played again by my Best friend) was even lower humanity Mekhet. The Carthians locally attempted to oust him by murder, and he got away... barely. And then his best friend, in order to 'save' him... staked and diablerized him. That dropped him to 0 Humanity, and they went out together. Was fun as hell.
    • Requiem LARP circa 2009: Played a Gangrel Dragon, who was an alchemist as a mortal, was descended from the Unholy and generally overall bookwork badass. I terrified another character, played by a good friend at the time, so much that she went outside the city (this was part of the Camarilla/Mind's Eye Society) to get people to help her kill him, as she was not sure that she and her local allies could kill him. It ended up being really fun, even if I cried when he died.
    • Changeling the Lost LARP circa 2008: Wizened Chatelaine of the Winter Court, who was super paranoid and trying to use fae powers against the Fae. He got caught in a crossfire firefight above his pay grade and died in ignominity, smothered by living darkness.
    • Changeling the Lost LARP circa 2009: Fairest Treasured, while there were NO combat-PCs involved, trying to stop the Shoggoth pet-eater monster in the city. He got eaten whole by the Shoggoth.

    Tabletop Deaths
    Scion: Played a meatshield Scion of Brigid. He was known for tanking and being the meatshied (super pretty, super stout, real dumb). He died twice (once by getting blown up by a missile, one by holding the line for his allies while they were under attack from a Titanspawn above their pay grade), but got brought back each time because of reasons. The first time, it was his then-wife who punked the queen of the Unseelie Fae; the second time, I willingly chose Morrigan as a patron and she granted me one last chance.

  • Pitcrew

    One time, in a certain SW game, I had a character who was an infamous pirate trying to run his own independent faction from the two bigger ones. Well, he succeeded, to a point. Then he vanished (because at that point I had wanted to play a different concept for a little bit) -- only to resurface a couple rerolls later, this time at the head of a nascent, and increasingly better faction under his helm.

    He took over the planet of one of his old rivals, killed said rival, and had his armies ransack and occupy the planet. Then one of the feature characters came and they had a fight - to the death. Obviously, my character died, but it was a great and memorable death to who had been a man tenacious enough to bomb Coruscant and blockade it several months later.

  • Pitcrew

    On a Pern game (that we both recently quit for unrelated reasons), a friend and I had a running joke to see who could kill off more of our own PCs. I wound up with...

    A Harper investigating a murder that wound up dying along with the murderer.
    A criminal staked out for Thread after being framed for arson.
    A weyrling rider that wound up dying in an explosion because he kept dicking around with his flamethrower.
    A pirate killed in a raid after kidnapping a young Lord Holder.

    They were all pretty fun deaths to play, partially because PC deaths on Pern are pretty rare, so doing them on-camera tends to generate a lot of ripple-RP.

  • I was playing on TGG. It was the Battle of Britain campaign. I remember I was playing a Polish flier. Now, something you have to know is that TGG's aerial combat was a bit like running someone's EVE Online backhaul spreadsheet in your head, in real time. Except it was actually fun flying by text readouts. Fun, but challenging.
    I thought I'd learned the flight system.
    I thought I was able to fly my plane at 10 feet above the ground after a battle.
    In fact, I thought I could fly it at 6 feet. It looked really cool, people were cheering.
    And then something happened and I crashed and had to use one of my 3 +revives.

    My narrative explanation was that it wasn't a crash... my pilot just landed on a street and hopped into a pub for a pint, and the revive represented military discipline coming down. XD

  • On SW1 I let a character go after she had been ruined for me (yay, OOC drama :P). Friend of mine who played one of the biggest-and-baddest Imperials offered to kill her off instead of just letting her idle off into obscurity. I was for it as it seemed like it'd be fun, the other person was a great RPer and everything.

    I don't remember all the details, but after my character met with his and there being a whole lot of awesome dialog, my character wound up losing her head. Literally. The other player did something that I didn't know he'd do, that being sending her head to the Jedi temple which upset at least one person, OOCly, but other than that it was freaking coooooool!

  • I once played a Red Talon who'd decided that she could "safely" murder humans by entering their homes from the Umbra and using Glabro form to strangle them in their sleep. The Sept Alpha (who was also her pack alpha) found out and was furious, but only banished her from the Sept. ICly she was going to head to the nearest Talons-only Sept to teach others her way of killing humans when two of the Sept's Glass Walkers caught up with her and after some very tense roleplay in which one of the Walkers failed to persuade her that what she did was wrong (not for lack of trying), she was put down for good.

    Easily one of the creepiest characters I've ever played.

    Most fun death, though, was probably the lupus ahroun I had who attacked a semi that was being driven by a fomor.

  • Once, in D&D, we were trying to sneak past a sleeping, blue dragon. We were too weak to fight it, but the only way was through its cave, so we opted to try to sneak (turning back around would have taken days off of our travel).

    Half of the group was past the point of no return when the thief in the group decided to sneak attack the dragon in the EYEBALL. We were successfully sneaking past it before Douche Baggins decided to try to SOLO the fucking dragon.

    It woke up and threw electricity everywhere.

    80% party death. Right there.

  • We were playing a Marvel-esc campaign in our tabletop game in which we each had to char-build everyday people living in a hand-waved US city-scape. Our powers were randomized. My character ended up being an underemployed television actor with power mimicry and an extremely low intelligence score. He unknowingly copied the abilities of a time traveler thinking that it was teleportation and caused a rift when he inevitably came into physical contact with himself from the future (or past?), he went back in time to change that, causing an even bigger secondary rift when he touched both versions of himself to stop them from touching one another. The party killed him. Back of the head(s) with an axe.

  • I had a character on one sci-fi game long, long ago, who was a senior politician for some minor planet. They were this old, corrupt politician, but did have some principles.

    A big bad empire invaded said planet, blew up it's entire fleet in orbit and was poised to land, threatening orbital bombardment if the capital was not surrendered, their ambassador came to demand the surrender in person. So my character met him in his office, ordered the garrison of the capital to withdraw and the landing to be unopposed, then once the ambassador had confirmed his terms were met and radioed back to the fleet in orbit - I pulled out a hand grenade and set it on the top of the desk without a pin.

    Needless to say there was quiet a lot of resistance on the ground.

  • Banned

    My favorite character death was on Dark Metal. I played a cybernetic pyrokinetic that had a prosthetic arm, hands and legs. At one point some Mage was trying to sink a massive section of the city with an earthquake. Using cybernetic legs, I was leaping around trying to save people from falling into the massive cracks opening in the ground and falling debris, until I managed to spot the source of the magic. I hauled my ass from the city to about like 1000 feet away from the mage, intending to tackle him and try and break his concentration.......

    Just then, the Mage failed a paradox roll and went off like a nuclear device, my character was instantly incinerated, wurf.

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