Xanadu Weyr Searches at Pernworld Mush! A Prenatal Dragon's Care?

  • Ever since Meirath's flight, the dragonhealers of Xanadu have been rather concerned. Truth be told, they were concerned ever since her previous flight; the young queen's been rising too frequently for their liking, and while her previous clutch was healthy - if small - there have been worries that this clutch will be less fortunate. Meirath herself remains warmly confident in her eggs, but you don't have to be a dragonhealer to notice that she's been more lethargic this time around, her color... not quite so bright as it's supposed to be. With two clutches of hers in recent memory, people are definitely talking.

    The dragonhealers are doing their best to help; they've had a supplemental feeding program for Meirath, and as the clutching draws near, preparations have been put in motion for a little something extra for the eggs themselves. How do you feed an egg? Why... through the shell, of course! Which is why the dragonhealers have boiled up a few giant vats of... something. It's medical, all right; nothing else could smell quite so pungent. It really makes you realize why it is they hold numbweed boils far away from Weyr and Hold!

    This particular nutrient concoction - full of key vitamins and minerals, or so the dragonhealers assure - is being held in the Dragonhealers' Annex, right next to the hatching sands where it'll soon be applied... and right next to the main clearing and caverns, too. Maybe the smell wouldn't be so bad if they weren't keeping one pot of green sludge at a low simmer... but how else will they make sure it's nice and fresh whenever Meirath's eggs arrive? At least the dragonhealers are surely suffering too, for even the noseplugs some of them have started wearing can't block the smell entirely... or keep it from clinging to their clothes.

    (OOC Search closes on April 29th! If you're thinking of joining us at Xanadu this cycle, get in your application soon. We'd love to sme- see you!) Xanadu Weyr is located on Pernworld Mush @ paper.mudmagic.com Port: 2211. Simply type 'Search Me' on game after character approval to apply and join in on the fun. Please check out +help Candidate in game for details on that Candidate life and xanadu.wikidot.com. Hope to see you new and returning players soon!