I miss WoD

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    Considering that the only reason I originally played WoD was because I was bored, not because I actually liked WoD, now I find myself looking back on it with a sort of fondness.

    Is there something wrong with my brain? Should I re-join the WoD universe? Are psychics still terrible in nWoD? Or should I play something new and exotic?

    I wonder if there is a comprehensive list of shit you can play in nWoD (I say nWoD because I enjoy the nWoD community, even though I played oWoD -after- it and I actually really like oWoD).

  • Yes, something horrible! But do continue on and explore its depths.

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    Depends! What sorts of stories are you looking to play in? If you are just looking for a happening place, I believe both Reno and Fallcoast offer psychics and are fairly hoppin.

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    @tragedyjones I generally am familiar with the people who run Fallcoast, wasn't sure if it was still going (I never did get to trying it after Reach closed). I've heard of Reno but don't really know anything about it.

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    @HelloProject We also take Psychics on Fear and Loathing.

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    I'm gonna login to and check the wiki of everything.

  • Fear & Loathing: Come to us ... come to us ... come to us ....

    Also the good thing is that sphere RP is rather integrated, so Mortal+ get plenty of involvement in the other sphere's RP and such. If you're interested in some Psychic RP or such, happy to help find you some character hooks with Book, one of my characters :)

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    Fate's Harvest likewise offers psychics, thaumaturges, and Changelings, though it's using a mix of 1.0 and 2.0 rules. Might be something to consider if you want something a bit different.


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    I still haven't settled on a place, but I haven't forgotten you.

  • WoD is like Cheerios.

    You ate it for 20 years and then switched to something far more superior, like Honey Bunches of Oats.

    After a few years of HBoO, you will see your ex-girlfriend cereal, Cheerios, on the rack at a store. HEY. 20 years of Cheerios, why not right.

    You invite them Cheerios over. Pour milk onto them. Put them in your mouth..

    ...and then you realize, past the point of no return, that you're committed at least to that one tryst with Cheerios, and that you didn't really miss it that much.

    WoD can totally be like regretful ex-sex.

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