Awesome player/character sightings (because not everybody's batshit crazy)

  • I thought about this when I saw the batshit crazy thread, and @Catsmeow's thread about things games do right reminded me it might be worth putting one of these up.

    Games have +recc systems and means of pointing out awesome stuff when it's encountered, we may as well, too.

    No back-handed compliments. No snarky vaguebooking. No arguing about how the thing somebody really is something you think sucks, or just wasn't good enough for you.

    Just, you know, stuff you noticed, appreciated, and maybe would like to see more of. Names named instances of awesome (as character@game) for some credit where credit's due.

    Could be an awesome pose that made you bust out laughing or moved you to tears, could be somebody who was being genuinely helpful to new folks, could be someone running an amazing and inclusive plot. Could be a staffer going above and beyond from helping you get situated on a game to coming up with a nifty new bit of code.

    I'mma start this off with an awesomeness-spotting re: @Thenomain, because not only has he helped me out a lot generally with things (code and just being a decent human being) over the years, but because when I recently asked stupid questions about the weather code (that apparently turned out to be not completely stupid but were considerably more complicated than I had even thought), he took on the challenge.

    That's going above and beyond like whoa, and it is much appreciated.

  • Well over a decade ago, at some supers MU* I can't recall specifically, there was a dude whose character was named MAC LAW, and he was a sentient truck. Not a transformer, just a sentient truck. He was hilarious and the concept worked fantastically with the crowd of people playing as Nextwave. I loved every second that guy was in a scene.

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