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    There's no thread specifically about hardware stuff so let's have one. :)

    Here's a question for you. Mechanical keyboards - are they worth it?

    I haven't been on one in many years and I honestly don't remember feeling frustrated when I switched to the cheap plastic variety but some people positively swear on them. So for typing (in particular) but also for gaming, what have your experiences been like? Are they worth the $$$ ?

  • Yes. God yes I love my mechanical keyboard. I type for hours a day while working and it's a godsend, keys are more responsive, and I admit I enjoy the crunchy feeling of them. For gaming, I've found it far more responsive, easier to platform and overall for both it's lasted longer than any other keyboard I've had. I haven't regretted the money I spent on mine.

    Also, they make an excellent blunt instrument.

  • For gaming purposes, mechanical OWNS. The key ghosting is far superior and allows for better flow of actions that require multiple key strikes in rapid order or at once. I can say that personally, using the WASD for movement is MUCH better on a mechanical keyboard. I'm more likely to see the character respond how I want them to, less missed dodges and rolls. Also... they tend to stand up better to wear and tear. Its not something that comes up terribly often, but if you're a gamer it can be an issue.

    I use mine for everything from typing out emails and responses here to gaming MMO's and everything in between. Its blown away everything else that I've used by a long shot.

  • Pitcrew

    I have the Das keyboard, mechanical. I was torn on whether the price difference was justified, when I first got it. Now, I really enjoy how crisp and clear it feels to type. Rubber dome key springs now feel muddy, like wading through mud instead of typing. Not nearly as instantly responsive.

    Two dislikes: noise (Brown MX, no dampeners), the height of the keys.

    However, I use the keyboard so much that I wear them out easily, so I think it'll be worth it in the long run. If you use the keyboard a lot, I would advise to make the switch. It can take a little bit of adjustment, especially if you're used to shallow keystrokes like I was.

    It's worth noting that this is one of those tools that actually inspire you to do stuff, that's how big of a difference it is. Like if you buy a new guitar, you'll instantly feel more inspired when you play and the sound is so divine. Or pick your choice of awesome tool. And you'll enjoy not having to put in as much effort, not having to struggle with an imperfect tool, like suddenly walking on clouds. I imagine, for someone who's a writer or coder, this could be the equivalent of a modernized typewriter - it gives you that satisfying crunchy feeling while you're working.

    If you have the extra money to throw at it, and use it extensively, it'll be worth it. If you're tight on cash, dunno if it's justifiable, rubber domes will serve you just as well.

  • Pitcrew

    Never going back. I love my mechanical keyboard. So tactilesexy. Clicky clicky clicky.

  • That was almost a romantic poem written about a keyboard. XD

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