TGG/The Greatest Generation People

  • Looking for players/staff from TGG (The Greatest/Lost Generation).
    I've fired up the database again, 5+ years after my last attempt.
    Not sure I'll do a public game with it, but I figure some people wouldn't mind logging in to the old girl again.

  • Are you going to do another campaign? (Chaos/Kathleen/Annabelle/Elise here.)

  • Ehhhh I'm not sure what I'll do with it yet, beyond showing it to some friends.
    Partly depends on what kind of free time I have for it. MU*ing night after night is no longer an option for me.

  • Pitcrew

    I was never on TGG, but I'm a WWII nut, and I was always intensely curious about it. If you do look to open another campaign and are interested in letting in people who weren't there originally, let me know.

  • @Seraphim73 Sure thing, man! Got to sort out my free time, but you're on the if-list. :)

  • Pitcrew

    Ex-staffer Vengeance here, and multiple chars over the various campaigns. Not much time for RP anymore but I'd love to say hello to the old bunch.

  • Cool! I was Strife and many poor dead bastards on TGG. Always up for MU nostalgia.

  • Pitcrew

    Yo. Have a server of it running myself, don't have MUSH itch enough just yet to actually like, do anything with it, though.


  • Pitcrew

    Having heard so much about this game, I would be really eager to try it!

  • Pitcrew

    I'm curious too, just because I've also heard this game mentioned lots and lots. WWII isn't my favorite subject matter, but I'd be willing to give it a whirl, if you open it up to strangers too.

  • Sooooo stability is a "thing." For example, sometimes when someone logs in for the first time, the whole game crashes. Or just when you finger someone. I probably just need to use an older version of TinyMUSH, not sure.

    Anyone who's gotten an invite, feel free to send an invite to other old-timers. Their old passwords SHOULD still work. I should set up a cronjob in LINUX to ensure the game gets restarted when it fails.

  • As far as inviting new folks goes, I'm not going to do it myself, but I'm not going to throw a shitfit if you just have to show your breastest friend in the world.

    I think later this week or next, I'll make a sufficient disclaimer about just being an exhibition MUSH* (and will have given the old hats some private time to make love to it again) to publicly share the server info.

    *= No, not exhibition like Shang, I mean the other kind. :P

  • @EUBanana gave me some help today, and the latest DBU--just "fluff changes" as he put it, but less likely to have been corrupted over the years on my PC (given that the file has been on at least 7 hard drives, which on 3 occasions were mounted when lightning fried various parts).

    He also helped identify the TinyMUSH version expected, and between those two changes (version and fresh DB) it seems like I've got the stability ironed out. Was probably just the MUSH version.

    All you old-timers I've invited, your old passwords should work. If you need an @newpassword, just lemme know. Time to restore my handful of changes and do some planning!

  • The instability is still there, albeit far less pronounced. I THINK I've found a way to "exercise" it out, slowly but surely. One positive benefit I've found is that a full @dump takes about 1-2 seconds. So dumps need not be hourly things (though there are pros and cons to doing them more often).

    If the game's not up, just check again later.

  • OK, I was going through my downloaded pictures folder and found this screencap of one of the most badass moments of TGG. This was from the Pacific campaign, wherein some Japanese planes--a Zero (piloted by the NPC Yoshi) escorting a Betty bomber (piloted by Ichiro NPC) were attacking the PCs ship, the USS McCalla.


    This is an example of the code in the MUSH, and how the game so beautifully added amazing code to RP.

  • Oh, and here's the next few seconds...

  • So after about a month of focusing on other things, I logged back onto my TGG box:

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    I thought I had killed timeouts. I also know that's just NOT how it's supposed to look.

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            The MUSH will crash on occasion. I've only found a couple of consistencies to it.
            The solution I've got right now is a cronjob that fires off ./Startmush every minute, which automagically only starts the MUSH if it's not already running.
            We'll see how it goes!
    Jim Nanban
    MUSH Head (and Ass)

    ... and odder. So here's the summary, copypastated from the bbpost I slapped in there:

    While I've been occupied with other interests, it looks like the DB rot has crept in ever deeper. Just look at the list of bboard posts. There are blank ones and suchlike oddities. I'm not sure what, precisely, the problem is--but I have seen this happen to another game, and restoration was impossible.

    I think the next step would be to shut it down and try to load the MUSH on an older codebase. No, I do not expect this to work, but it is easier and faster than the step to follow: @decompile of core code and pasting into a fresh database. While laborious, that should conclusively resolve the issues. Rebuilding particular grids/maps, while technically possible, would probably be less satisfying than building afresh--although there's a learning curve, as building here is significantly different than elseMU*.

    All in all, I'm happy, though. Death has given me the latest database, I've gotten a mild amount of interest in MU* circles (and I wouldn't want more than mild), and there's a solution possible.

    I'll post this to MU Soapbox ( ) and leave this game up until my next batch of free/interested time.

  • If I had to guess at when I might do all that, I'd say 2018 earliest.

  • @EUBanana When you do get that MU* itch, I'm pretty sure I still have your SR: London Database lying around that you're welcome to have back and spin back up. ;)


  • And I've shut this down for the time being. I want to thank everyone for showing interest, old and new. Most importantly, thanks to @EUBanana for advice and providing latest DB. And, you know, coding the bloody thing!

    What's next for me is to eventually get some alternate hosting, probably Linode. Fire up the provided DB, decompile the Master Room objects, and recompile on a brand new TinyMUSH server. Probably I'll have to recreate some objects too, I think basically for a while I'll have to side-by-side run new and old DBs, with the old version in a "Groundhog's Day" scenario with no dump interval (so it doesn't save the DB) and a daily kill/restart job.

    So yeah. Sometime 2018.

    This was a really cool experience. It was fun seeing the old girl up!
    Seeya not-so-soon!

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