Strange Game Dev Inquiries from surreality (condensed)

  • Also, like, what's TS at a certain point?

    I've posted logs I don't think qualify, but they reference my character doing pre- or post-sex things before being about something else. This is character stuff, but a staffer monitoring this (lol) might think they qualify as sexytimes logs.

    This is not an area I think people want to get into policing. I feel like people should use common sense, get the OK from all parties involved, and maybe include a warning if it's graphic. But if I'm staffing I want to spend my time on other shit.

  • Pitcrew

    As a current mermaid player, I am in favor of the mermaid (sexy?)funtimes.

    So hooray.

    With all the log-based XP, I'm hoping there's an automatic in game logger? One of the things that kills me in the current culture is that while log sharing is a constant thing and sometimes tied to XP, it's still often manual. But time to wrangle log foo becomes time I have to subtract from RP or shows up randomly later in the week so I don't submit things in timely fashion.

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    @kitteh said in Strange Game Dev Inquiries from surreality (condensed):

    As a current mermaid player

    I totally read that the wrong way.

  • @Arkandel said in Strange Game Dev Inquiries from surreality (condensed):

    @kitteh said in Strange Game Dev Inquiries from surreality (condensed):

    As a current mermaid player

    I totally read that the wrong way.

    I play mermaids all the time.

    What they gonna do, come up onto land, find my apartment, and knock on my door if I don't call back?

    Don't hate the playa...

  • Pitcrew

    @Arkandel /me swishes tail?

    @Ghost So mean :(

  • @kitteh SOOOORY... :(

    A mermaid player
    A player of mermaids
    A mermaid who plays mermaids.

    Mermaids have feelings, too, and I assure you that I would never do such a thing.

    Because mermaids also have access to the kraken, sharks, and schools of jellyfish and hell hath no fury like a mermaid scorned.

  • @Roz I genuinely don't care if people post it -- and would smite as needed if people were given crap in any way for doing so -- but I've never actually been on a game where posting it was at all commonplace. I have actually only ever seen it happen at all twice, once on TR and once on FC; the latter was a summary thing like what's mentioned I'd expect might be more common.

    I would not feel personally comfortable posting more than a summary unless it was very tame and supremely relevant to story stuff, and even that I can't say I'd be comfortable entirely. Maybe not at all. And I have this really bad habit of interrupting TS with plot questions or some kind of serious something-or-other on the regular. (All those people who derail every scene to TS? I am like, their Bizarro mirror universe person, or something. It's not even intentional, but it is pretty funny.)

    People's comfort zones vary, so there's no chance in hell I'd require this of people.

    I more or less feel I've done my part in terms of playing bullet sponge to this particular issue in the hobby in the early days of the charge. I am totally the dude from Haven on this one that is the bullet magnet. In ye olden days, the amount of abuse I took for simply saying, "I do this and see nothing wrong with it," was more than enough to leave a mark, even if people have pulled their heads from their respective asses considerably since. (Seriously, in this very thread someone trolling from Shang is chasing down posts, and was flicking one of the ones in Random Bitching the other night on and off on the upvote thing so much it was visibly flickering between 1 and 0 back and forth for about a minute, probably hoping to have a zillion notifications pop up. I am definitely done with the role of bullet sponge in that regard.) RL has been worse than the hobby by miles on this front in ways 1) too personal for this board that aren't anyone's business and 2) would be a huge derail.

    Even beyond that, I'm pretty private about those things, and always have been.

    I don't feel I need to post logs of adult stuff to prove anything or make a stand; the right to do something in peace and without hassle or abuse includes the right choose to share it publicly or RP it privately without sharing with the crowd, too, without having to justify that choice to anyone, either.

  • Pitcrew

    @surreality I want to be super clear: I in no way was arguing that people should be required to post TS logs. Like, TOTALLY 100% NOT ARGUING THAT. Only responding to the sort of sentiment as I was hearing it of "it's kind of weird that people would post that."

  • @Ghost said in Strange Game Dev Inquiries from surreality (condensed):

    As far as I'm concerned, people should post what they RP. The good the bad, the ugly, the sexy.

    As if I need more reasons to avoid RP. Knowing that I'm being logged hits some of my stage fright and performance anxiety. I've been lucky to be able to play with some really very amazing writers, and every line I type I feel like I'm letting them down. Exposing this to everyone? Hello introvert.

  • I agree with @Thenomain here. Trying to 'size up' to some amazing writers can cause a lot of stagefright. Logging for the wiki might also be a scary thing, and would make me balk at doing any completely reasonable NSFW RP that might otherwise happen naturally.

    Other than those two things, I'm all for people doing thar thang as they wish.

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    I've read some TS logs over the years. It don't impress me much.

    -Arkandel, elitist to the naughty end.

  • Damnit, @Thenomain!! Now I have that song running through my head!

    DOUBLE DAMNIT. Sorry. I now (accurately) blame @Arkandel.

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    @Rook Yeah @Thenomain, wth man!

  • @kitteh Not yet, and I'm not especially inclined toward it.

    There may be one, but to set up the XP stuff, people would have to fill out the form and check off the relevant stuff for their scene anyway. We are not reading everyone's logs and filling it out for them after the fact; that is something people have to do for themselves, so there's some honor system here, but we're not taking on the workload of reading every log submitted to the game to check them over to see if they fit stuff. It should be as easy as cut and paste into the template like a lot of games use for submitted logs, with a few extra checkboxes that will do all the math and calculate stuff for everyone to make things easier on everybody. (Less math, always win.

    We may be able to set up a logger, but I think it may not be feasible with the setup unless an SQL genius is handy to tinker something up to work with the proper templates.

    @Roz I don't think it's weird if people post it, which is why I proactively am saying: yeah, people are absolutely permitted to post this if they want and nobody's allowed to give them shit for it. I haven't seen it as something common on any game I've played on, though, which is why it seemed like it needed saying, since it's specifically addressing all the various downtime stuff folks do.

    Most of what I've seen tagged NSFW is someone stripping at a bar in the background, someone snorting cocaine off of someone's breast or backside, or a mention of prostitution or something with a FTB other than the two examples cited. Considering some of the inspiration material? You pretty much can't get through an episode of Black Sails without an NC17 incident or two that goes well beyond what I've seen as the MUX posted log norm, and I'd actually strongly recommend Harlots on hulu for a glimpse at the inner workings of brothels around that time in much more civilized areas by contrast, which goes even further. Maybe this is TMI, but I certainly haven't seen anything remotely as explicit as the kind of things I've written ever show up on a wiki, either. That's not to say it hasn't, it's just that if it has, it's not on a game I've played on or have been reading logs from.

  • @Arkandel said in Strange Game Dev Inquiries from surreality (condensed):

    I've read some TS logs over the years. It don't impress me much.

    -Arkandel, elitist to the naughty end.

    You ever looking to read some top notch TS...look me up.

    Edit: I'm joking. You're safe. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE

  • This is our 'do not be a douche about TS' file:

    • The common sense clause: If you want to keep it private, actually keep it reasonably private. The bigger a show you make of it OOC, the more people may react.
    • TS is allowed in private areas of the grid. Don't TS in public areas. (If you ''absolutely have to bang the waitress on the bar after closing time'', make a +temproom for it. We know people do things like this in the real world and there's no reason characters in a game wouldn't do the same. Just use your common sense and be realistic about it.)
    • Do not ask staff to care about who is or is not TSing who. It's not our business, and it's not yours, either, unless you're one of the people actively involved in writing the adult content in that specific scene.

    Resolution: Staff will remind you this is not high school, and if you continue to behave like it is high school, you'll quickly find yourself expelled. We make no apologies for having no patience with this behavior whatsoever.

    Sexual subject matter and relationship-based roleplay is expressly allowed on this game, within the rules outlined in policy. I'll sum up: no child porn, consent is required for sexual themes, don't spy on people no matter who you are, don't TS the staff NPCs -- you know, the things that should constitute the usual common sense.

    This doesn't stop it from generating mountains of needless drama. Let's not do that.

    We ask: please don't ask staff (or anyone else) to care about anyone's TS. Please don't involve staff in your relationship drama, psychosexual exploits, real world relationship troubles, or those of others.

    • We do not care that that other group over there is just TSing all the time. Guess what -- if they're enjoying themselves and not breaking any rules, we don't care.
    • We do not care that JohnnyBones said he'd be SuzySweetheart's true love for all times then went and got his knob polished by SallySuckmistress. Don't bring us this kind of thing, because we don't care.
    • "OMG HarryHardon is such a TS character!" So long as HarryHardon was built legit and isn't breaking any rules, we don't care.
    • "Those two only ever spend time in their private room! You know what they're doing in there!!!" Hey, guess what? We don't care.
    • "He promised he'd stay away from that bitch!" We don't care.
    • "That bastard is TSing my real world girlfriend!" We don't care.
    • "I don't think a ThisSplat would ever date a ThatSplat! DO SOMETHING!!!" We still don't care.

    If it's going on behind closed doors and is not against the rules, we don't care. Don't ask us to care. This likely is not even your business, let alone ours.

    (It's hard to get clearer than that, I think, about how little TS drama will be tolerated, I think.)

  • That's a long TS file and is the kind that just makes me shake my head. Long TS files tend to do that, because it twigs my, 'If you're spending this much time explaining Tinyfucking, you must really care about Tinyfucking' light in my brain. Which is never a positive for me.

    But I get that people from vastly different game cultures than me think it's necessary. Mostly it depresses me about other players. Do whatcha got to do.

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    1. tinyfucking, hee.

    2. I think long policies in general attract idiots who try to find the loophole. "Don't be an asshole" should about cover it. :)

    3. Let's face it, we (*) do care about tinyfucking. This is known.

    (*) In general, exceptions exist. The majority if you will. Us.

  • a double-post addendum to that, there are some areas of the grid that WILL be labeled NC17 by default, where folks should feel comfortable writing things like this and really should not be objecting to them in the same way you wouldn't go into a strip club on a WoD game and bitch up a storm if someone was posing a strip tease.

    There will be brothels on grid. It would be absurd to not have more sexually-charged if not outright NSFW content going on in the public areas of a brothel. I going to need to put up warning labels on the exits for these? I am hoping not, but I will if I have to.

  • Please Brothel Gunfight PLEAAAASE

    "GAWDDAMNIT, IAN GET OFF HER!" Flintlocks.

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